Wednesday, May 25, 2005 | 0 Comments

I apologize. My last post totally screwed up my blog and now I have to try and figure out how to fix it. What a pain in the ass! I don't know how long it will take me to figure it out. If you have any suggestions email me at

Update #1:
Alright- I did at least get it functioning, but I had to revert back to a virgin template. How can publishing one little post create such a mess?

Update #2:
OK. I think I have it fixed. Now back away carefully so as not to set off anything. Cross your fingers that this lasts! Oh, and weirdly enough, my comment link is even better than before even though I didn't do anything to it. Whatever. I guess I was due.


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Blogger evilsciencechick said...

weird! you didn't mess with the template or anything?

bloggers was fugged up last night, maybe that had something to do with it?

May 25, 2005 2:03 PM

Blogger Sylvana said...

All I did was publish a post.

May 25, 2005 2:08 PM

Blogger Scott said...

What happened exactly? My blog just 30 seconds ago went all screwy and won't view right in IE anymore - just like OhReallyFactor's

May 31, 2005 1:54 PM

Blogger Sylvana said...

The bottom 2/3 of my blog went pink bleedy again and then the side bar stuff moved into my posting area and sort of shuffled and layered. I lost the comment buttons for some of my posts and I even lost a few of my sidebar toys. I have no clue what happened because all I did was post.

My best guess was that I had something in the sidebar stuck where it shouldn't have been and it was just a ticking time bomb. I've since then reorganized everything in the sidebar and I cross my fingers everytime I post.

June 01, 2005 8:29 AM