Little Known Travel Tips

Friday, July 25, 2008 | 0 Comments

Always call your credit card companies before you make uncharacteristic purchases, like booking things overseas.

We did notify our company. Three weeks in advance. And they STILL blocked our card after the first overseas booking. The $3400.00 in airfare that we put on it earlier this year didn't concern them, though. Even though we NEVER go ANYWHERE!! Nor did the purchase of those tickets through ICELAND AIR give them an indication that we might be traveling to Iceland and therefore require lodging in that country.

I understand their concern, but they really could have called us first. Or maybe noted on our account when we called them three weeks prior to the purchase.

And then there was our other card, our business card, which we use only a couple times a year and almost exclusively at Menards. Last year they didn't do anything when I wrote out a huge check to pay for the new roofing. This year, I made a $300 purchase at Menards for flooring -- they blocked my card citing suspicious purchase. I wasn't buying flooring in ICELAND!! It was 8 miles away for crying out loud!

Well, we finally have everything worked out after a lot of sitting around on hold and more swearing than I hear at family gatherings.

Also, don't forget, if you are going to be away from your home for a while, like we are -- get rid of all your produce! ESPECIALLY POTATOES!! There really is no worse way to end a trip than to come home to rotten potato smell soaked into every last porous object. Disgusting!


Michael Manning said...

All good suggestions, Sylvana. Here in Arizona just as we passed the tomato scare, there is a Pepper scare from the imported variety.

Have a nice weekend! :D

Lyvvie said...

Did you all get home Okay?? How did the rest of your trip go? Got soggy near the end, huh. Come now...Update!!


Elizabeth said...

Hi, long time no read your blog, but it's brilliant as always. My advice is that Visa is way better than Master Card at those things. I lived in Central Asia for five years and you know what? My card got blocked approximately once every six months when I bought anything. It was pretty amazing. Amazingly retarded, that is.

I hope you had a good trip otherwise.

Sylvana said...

MichaelManning, I'm actually creating a bigger vegetable garden just because I'd like to know where my food is coming from.

Lyvvie! OMG! What a trip! We thought of you a lot. I have some vacation suggestions for you and your family that you could do in a weekend.
Funny about the rain -- it would rain while we were on the train, ferry or bus, but as soon as we got off and wanted to do something -- it stopped and would even often go the step further to actual sunny. Weird. We're usually not that lucky.

Elizabeth, nice to see you around again. And thanks! I have not been updating regularly anyway due to my computer being ill and being off gallivanting across several island countries recently. We are back now, and my computer has completed some software therapy and parts transplants -- so hopefully I will be able to update more often.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008 | 0 Comments

SSB graduated from the computer network program this spring, with honors!

Outstanding performance, honey!

So, this weekend we celebrated by having a few friends over for some yummy food and assorted beverages. Most of our friends don't really know each other, so it was interesting to see how they co-mingled. Surprising well! It was much better than my graduation party where you could scoop tension out of the air, and we considered it a success because there was no police involvement (a lot of my family and friends DO NOT co-mingle well -- mostly because of my family). It was refreshing to feel that I could knock a few back and not worry about keeping people entertained or reffing disputes.

SSB said that it must have looked like a bad-ass party with two old-school Harleys sitting out in front of our house and the crazy dogs barking every time someone arrived. No one got bit or peed on thankfully!

And the weather was beautiful! They had forcasted T-storms, but they came Friday night instead. Saturday was sunny T-shirt and jeans weather with an ever so slight breeze.

SSB is a lucky, and deserving, man!


"AG" said...


Shannon said...

Hoorah for SSB!

lindsaylobe said...


There have been so many milestones in your lives and careers over the past few years its simply amazing !

best wishes

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Now get to work fixing that Cisco router.

Just kidding, I'm sure it's fine. Congrats on the degree.

3 More Weeks

Saturday, July 05, 2008 | 0 Comments

We will be leaving 3 Saturdays from today. Yikes!

Yesterday we finished the remainder of our major pre-trip purchases: flip-flops (for the hostel showers and any beach trips), water repellent shoe treatment (it gets wet over there!), decent backpacks (as we will not be taking anything with us that we can't carry), and 2 camera cards (8GB 133x cards for all the photos and video). I hope that it is enough. I take a lot of pictures. On my last trip to Scotland I came home with over 3500 pictures and video clips. And this trip there are two other people that will want to take pictures!

It is such a nice day today that we have to take advantage of it. We are heading to the state park to enjoy some out-doorsy activities; and see how far we can carry our fully-packed packs!