Soup Stand-off

Sunday, September 13, 2009 | 0 Comments

I was reading a bloggers story of a food stand-off when they were very young and it reminded me of my own food stand-off.

It involved pea soup. My younger brother and I both tried it, spit it out, and refused to eat any more. My parents didn't tolerate waste of food. We were to sit there until we ate every last bit. 7 hours later we were still sitting there, obedient to the punishment, but not about to eat that soup! We were practically sleeping at the table as it was about midnight. They wrapped up our bowls, told us to go to bed and we would have to eat it for breakfast.

We sat down at the breakfast table the next morning with our heads hanging, not looking forward to another day sitting in front of those terrible bowls of soup. My parents retrieved the soup from the fridge, uncovered them and plunked them down in front of us, "Now, eat it!" We looked at each other and silently resolved to give it another try. We picked up our spoons and dug in... or we would have if they had not meet what seemed like concrete. We jabbed our spoons at the soup a couple more times, never even making a dent in the now hardened soup. My dad looked over at my mom, trying not to laugh, and said, "Oh, just get them some cereal!" We never had to eat pea soup again!