Sylvana Slide Show - ICELAND

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 | 0 Comments

Thingvellir National Park

Geysir Park


Marshmallow field



dry pond by glacier


Oraefajokull (glacier)

glacier flow

glacier flow with JD and SSB

glacier creeping over smooth mountain

ancient lava field

ancient lava field

butte and lake


Icelandic farm with glacier

Icelandic farm

Smokey Bay

cool silos


"AG" said...

These pictures are amazing! I love the moody skies. I can also sense how quiet it must be there. The marshmallow field is wonderful. It all seems so removed and peaceful, but tell me, is there a McDonald's behind you while you took these?

Sylvana said...

Most of these pictures were taken away from the city and although we did see a few American restaurants (Pizza Hut and KFC - actually there might have been a KFC behind me while taking the silo picture) I don't recall ever seeing a McDonald's. They are VERY fussy about things, so if they did have a McDonald's I'd bet it would be the best you ever had.

lindsaylobe said...

wonderful slide show -many thanks !

Sylvana said...

Lindsay, my pleasure!


Beautiful shots. Can't wait for the other countries.

sideshow bob said...

Mmmmmm...Icelandic bottled water!!!

Kari said...

Hey!! I haven't checked your blog in so long!! :D

I love the pictures of Iceland, absolutely gorgeous!!

Lol, I also wanted to ask you if the Icelandic women are really as beautiful as I have heard them to be.

Sylvana said...

Flubberwinkle, I have to break Scotland down into chunks since I have SO MANY pictures from that country.

SSB, I knew you'd like Iceland!

Kari, glad to see you still checking in! And yes, they are beautiful.