Lyvvie said...

You could freeze some, with heavy cream and have egg nog ice cream for the next three-six months!

Heather said...

Mmm...egg nog....{drooling like Homer}

Sylvana said...

Lyvvie, frozen nog is good as well, but nothing beats fresh nog!

Heather, noggy goodness!

Neil Patrick Harris

Tuesday, January 06, 2009 | 0 Comments

I was over on Heather's blog Matted Spam reading her list of songs that get stuck in her head, when I read the fascinating words - Neil.Patrick.Harris.

Neil Patrick Harris in a song list? What the hell does Neil Patrick Harris sing? At first I thought, perhaps there is another Neil Patrick Harris? Maybe there is a band that named themselves Neil Patrick Harris? It's totally plausible. I could see NPH totally digging that.

But NO! It's the real deal! The real NEIL effin PATRICK HARRIS!
And it gets better. It's a whole wonderful, magical, hilarious operetta!
Thank you Heather!!

Note: This take a bit to load and is a 45 minute show, BUT IT SOOOO WORTH IT!!


Heather said...

It thrills me when I turn people on to Dr. Horrible!! YAY!! I'm glad you liked it! I think it's amazing! We made my family watch it on Christmas Eve and they were lukewarm in their reception of it. Don't understand how I ended up being related to them!! ha! Hope you have a great 2009!!

Sylvana said...

OMG Heather! This really started off my new year right!

I emailed it to my family and friends.

Michael Manning said...

Sylvana: Sending you all the best for your weekend! :D)

Sylvana said...

Michael, thanks Michael!

New Year

Sunday, January 04, 2009 | 0 Comments

Wow! A whole new year! And what a great 2008 I had!
Celebrated my 17th anniversary with my awesome husband, SSB!
I had to turn down yet another fantastic job offer.
Planned a trip for the family to go overseas.
I completed a wholesale switch at work.
I got my taxes done in APRIL!! Earliest EVER!
Celebrated SSBs graduation from college.
Whipped our pharmacy into shape for accreditation.
Traveled overseas with the family for over three weeks using only carry on!
I met Lyvvie and her fabulous family.
I got my family passes to Stonehenge's inner circle!
Obama won!! and I helped.
JD, my wonderful son, turned 16!!
Our pharmacy got accredited!
And I got my best bowling game EVER!

I decided that I needed to celebrate all that awesomeness with a party. We invited a dozen people over to ring in the New Year. I made SO MUCH FOOD! And everyone brought food as well -- we're still eating it! I made apple brie flatbread, humus, bruschetta, pico de gallo and we had mixed olives, Pepperidge Farm cookies, mixed cheeses and crackers, various wines, various beers, and various ginger ales and ginger beers (I found the best ginger beer outside of Scotland -- Main Root Ginger Brew. Absolutely fabulous!). Guests brought falafel, salmon cakes, buffalo wings, salsa, tzatziki, praline pecans, and various other goodies. [You will be able to find recipes for all my offerings in the "Sylvana Recipes" drop-down in the sidebar].

One of our guests, Obi, is always worried that he will break our wine glasses, and I hate to have him drink out of plastic cups, so we had gone on a special mission to find unbreakable wine glasses. Mission accomplished at Target. They have a whole line of wonderful acrylic "glass"ware, located with their real glass counterparts. Picked them up for $2.99 each! When he arrived, I showed him the wine glass. He was really excited. I decided to demonstrate it's unbreakability to get rid of any doubt, so I whacked it on the piano bench. His wife yelped and nearly fell over she was so startled; she thought I had a real wine glass. Hilarious! Obi said the look on her face was priceless. See, I've given them a memory that they can cherish forever. And the acrylic wine glass really is tough -- not even a mark on it!

Since we have been too busy to show our trip pictures, we doubled the party as a slide-show party too (by demand, I swear!). We discovered that the Wii is also great for showing slide-shows on your TV. The resolution was far better than the DVD that we burned for the same purpose. Wii's are awesome.

Happy New Year Everyone!!
And for you, here is a slide show of our travels in Scotland. More to come...


pastamasta said...

Wii's are indeed awesome, as the 7 pounds I've lost since buying a Wii Fit board prove! (A fair sight cheaper than a gym membership, too.)

Sylvana said...

Pastamasta, Congrats! I keep fluctuating on the weight part, but the yoga has improved my strength and tone. I love the way that it can let you know if you are balanced for better performance.