[On on way home after buying Quizno's Sammies for dinner]

Sy: They need to make these Sammie baggies bigger or come up with a Sammie funnel.

SSB: They make em cheap, but then they make the workers try and pack them into tiny bags. They've got to be losing money.

Sy: [ignoring SSB] Oh! I know just how the design would be! Look! ... You're not looking!

SSB: Yeah, yeah. I get the idea.

Sy: But you're not looking! It's brilliant!

SSB: [ignoring Sy] Maybe they could just train monkeys to pack them. They have tiny hands.

Sy: Yes. THAT'S what I want touching my sammie.

SSB: They'd wear tiny gloves.

Sy: Why can't we just have children do it like every other country?

Conversations At Our House v.33

Thursday, July 23, 2009 | 4 Comments

[Folders commercial comes on TV]

Sy: Folgers sucks ass!!

SSB: They can't hear you, dear.

Sy: That's OK. The neighbors can, & maybe now they won't buy Folgers.
Sy: I saw a picture of Patrick Swayze the other day on one of those ragmags.

SSB: The one where he's got the earpiece?

Sy: Yeah. He's not looking so good.

SSB: Well, he's got cancer.

Sy: I don't remember celebrities dying so much when I was growing up.

SSB: Maybe it's because most of your celebrities were muppets.

Sy: Yeah, I guess they don't die, do they.

SSB: Jim Henson died though. I think it was cancer. Maybe from working with all that foam.

Sy: Ah. Muppethemiola.