Sy: I saw a picture of Patrick Swayze the other day on one of those ragmags.

SSB: The one where he's got the earpiece?

Sy: Yeah. He's not looking so good.

SSB: Well, he's got cancer.

Sy: I don't remember celebrities dying so much when I was growing up.

SSB: Maybe it's because most of your celebrities were muppets.

Sy: Yeah, I guess they don't die, do they.

SSB: Jim Henson died though. I think it was cancer. Maybe from working with all that foam.

Sy: Ah. Muppethemiola.


Michael Manning said...

Hi, Sylvana. Your blog posting reaffirms to me that we are all fragile and need supportiveness. Patrick is a beloved movie star and a familiar face to so many. He is coping with a very dire situation involving cancer. However, his Determination is a great lesson in love to us all.

Nice to catch up with you and lol!

Michael Manning

Sy said...

Michael, it's weird. You tend to think of celebrities as being invincible (like muppets;). It makes it so shocking when something like this happens to them. It's a shame. He seems like a pretty nice guy.