[On on way home after buying Quizno's Sammies for dinner]

Sy: They need to make these Sammie baggies bigger or come up with a Sammie funnel.

SSB: They make em cheap, but then they make the workers try and pack them into tiny bags. They've got to be losing money.

Sy: [ignoring SSB] Oh! I know just how the design would be! Look! ... You're not looking!

SSB: Yeah, yeah. I get the idea.

Sy: But you're not looking! It's brilliant!

SSB: [ignoring Sy] Maybe they could just train monkeys to pack them. They have tiny hands.

Sy: Yes. THAT'S what I want touching my sammie.

SSB: They'd wear tiny gloves.

Sy: Why can't we just have children do it like every other country?


Michael Manning said...

Sy: Your connection is good. Thanks for the note. Trained monkeys! lol! :)

Sy said...

HeyMichael! Thanks for responding. I just wanted to let people know that they might need to reset their following of this blog due to some recent upgrades that purged them from my blog.
Those damn monkeys need more training!