Jellin' Like Magellan

Thursday, June 05, 2008 | 0 Comments

We finally chose an itinerary from the 20+ that I had worked up in the spread sheet -- yep, I'm so nerdy.
Now I can finally start filling in the blanks. I have sent out a couple of applications for special events while we are there. One was for lodging at a castle/palace just outside of Edinburgh. One was for special entrance into a world famous historical site -- their application frowned upon "advertising" our visit publicly, and until I figure out exactly what that means, you will have to guess.

We will be spending 4-1/2 days in Iceland. Then we will fly to Scotland and travel for two weeks. Then we will go to Ireland for a couple days. Ferry to Wales, bus to England then fly home. I can't wait!! 2 more months.

And my garden looks the best that it has ever looked. It looks like it did in my head before I even planted the first plant. At least a few times a week people will call to me from the street to let me know how much they appreciate the garden. And I have actually had people knock on the front door to request access to the garden so they could take pictures or just get a closer look at things. I'm thinking next year I might want to see about getting on a garden tour.

Things are definitely coming together.


Shannon said...

Oooh! I'm so excited for your trip too. I almost feel like I'm the one going on vacation!

BTW- I haven't read your garden blog in a while, but I just checked it out. I'm impressed!

Sylvana said...

Shannon, oh, thanks! I'm really excited about the garden. Although I have many passions, I think it is safe to say that gardening is one of my greatest.