That's My Final Answer

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 | 0 Comments

I made a decision today. And that is a load off my mind.

The job situation was far more complex than I could even explain in a post. Most people never get the experience of working at place that doesn't just feel like a place of employment -- but it feels like your second home. I was lucky enough to have TWO! The people aren't just coworkers, but they are like part of your family.

Sure some of the people are crazy and drive you nuts, but then, you haven't met my real family. Same deal.

I have been thinking about the decision I would have to make for months. It was not an easy one to make at all. Each place had something great to offer, and not so great.

I told my bosses at the library one by one from the top down today, before I notified HR. I figured that it just didn't seem right to leave it up to some outside person to break the news. They were each stunned that I would turn down the position, but I feel that in the end they really understood. They are of course heart-broken at the missed opportunity, as I am; but they do have a fair second choice. That was a relief for me, as well as them. She isn't me, of course, but I'm sure she will do. They have already asked if they can keep calling me for fill-in positions and the like. OF COURSE! Nothing else has changed, it's just bad timing for this particular position, I told them.

Ultimately, it came down to flexibility and potential. And even after making the decision, I am not 100% sure I made the right one. But it is done,and I feel better.

One thing that really helped me feel good about the choice I made was thinking about which job I would regret giving up more if I ended up losing the job that I chose due to some event (such as budget cuts or store closure). I realized that if I took the library job and subsequently lost it due to budget cuts, I would regret having given up the pharmacy job MORE than giving up the library job and eventually losing the pharmacy job due to store closure. That feeling of greater regret helped me know that over-all, the pharmacy was where I needed to be.

Now where's my damn chocolate!!!


Shannon said...

Yay! And you still have that connection at the library...maybe other opportunities will come and be a better fit someday. Congrats on making a decision that's right for you.

Sylvana said...

Shannon, thanks. I feel so much better now that I don't have that to worry about. And I know now that I certainly made the right decision, so it makes it that much better.
It is so great to have this blog to work out these matters because I obviously couldn't talk to most of my current non-blog friends about the dilema -- they had biases due to the fact that they are connected to one job or the other.