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There has been a rash of upsets lately: Obama over Clinton (I'm OK eiter way, they both have a lot to offer -- and either would break boundaries that need to come down), McCain over just about everyone in the GOP (go McCain!), the Giants over the Patriots (Yah! In your face!), and now it comes to me. Ever since I have worked at the library I was certain that if I had the opportunity to work there full time on a permanent basis I would snatch that opportunity in a heart-beat. Right now there is such an opportunity. In fact, the position was created largely with me in mind.

Then there is my current full time job. I love the work, but the owner is driving me, and most everyone else that works there, CRAZY!! She is rarely available when I need her to look over something, sign off on something, or do her part of the work in any of the projects that I am so desperately trying to get completed before the deadlines. However, she always has time to hover and get all in your business when her opinion and knowledge is not needed -- uh, I'm the one who taught you how to run this report, thank you very much. She can be very negative, and complains constantly how she never gets time off; but then when we all pitch in and set up times that she can have off, she will try to come in anyway! I actually have to be at work anytime that she is scheduled to have off so that I can make her go home if she does come in. She'll tell people to take some time off and then complain that they aren't there. And when they get back, they'll hear from her about how awful it was because she didn't have any help -- even though a replacement was there and everyone else was helping cover too.

So, you'd think that taking the library position would be a slam-dunk. Right?

Not exactly. It is a night position. That means that my entire social life would be royally screwed. I wouldn't really get to spend time with the other staff, which is part of what makes the library such a nice place to work. And, if I have to go to staff meetings or need to speak with anyone about problems, I will have to come in off schedule.

And, at my current job, I pretty much feel like my own boss. I write my own schedule. If I want to come in late, I come in late. If I want to take an early day, I just do it. I write most of the store policies. I'm in charge of fairly major business decisions. It really is like a well paid business internship/crash course. Speaking of which, I am going to be mighty busy this weekend teaching myself the basics of ledgers!

So, here I am, looking at the realization of the job that I have been wanting for years; only to surprise myself with hesitation. I've pretty much decided, I just don't know how to break it them. Everyone has been counting on me so much, I just don't know how I can face letting anyone down.

Who knew being in high demand could suck so bad?


Shannon said...

Will the position at the library eventually lead to a better, daytime position? It may be worth taking if it were a stepping stone...

"AG" said...

It IS hard to be in demand and have to say no to some people and accept that you will disappoint them. But it's a part of being awesome.

Lyvvie said...

How did you manage to have kids and maintain a social life?!?! All the folks we know who have kids have disappeared. they'll return in time for bridge club, lawn bowling and zimmer-frame races. As far as the job goes, I say keep what makes you happy, lose what drive you nuts; life's too short.

Sylvana said...

Shannon, that is good advice and I have considered it. It might -- in three years. But in those three years JD will be going through high school and would basically never see me during the week unless he visited me at work. That would suck.

AG, yes. But is still good to be awesome ;)

Lyvvie, oh, believe me, when he was young we did not have a social life. He's old enough that we can leave him at home alone now -- plus our friends find him charming and love to have him along.
I so agree with your philosphy about life. The problem there is that they both drive me nuts to some extent and they both make me happy -- but I think that I have come to a conclusion: I have far more control over what drives me crazy at one of the jobs. That makes a HUGE difference!