Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, February 17, 2008 | 0 Comments

Friday was SSB and my 17th anniversary.

That seems like such a long time when I say it, but when I think about our time together, it really doesn't seem that long at all.

Friday I left work early and we started off our day by visiting a travel agent. How romantic! We have been saving up some of my dual job money in the hopes of a late summer escapade. We will know more next week.

Then we went to out favorite in-town restaurant to discuss the travel possibilities. SSB will be graduating from his program this spring and I thought that before he gets started in his career, we should probably try to take a LONG vacation somewhere -- overseas, since he has never been out of the country save for the time that I dragged him through a small part of Canada.

On our walk home we popped into our local thrift store* where I found an awesome sweater and pair of jeans. It is one of my favorite stores to shop. Over half my wardrobe is from finds at that store and my house is equipped with many a great find from there too.

We looked up movie showings in our area and discovered that they were all crap, or movies that we didn't want to see on our anniversary or in the theater. So we rented a couple and bought some local wine. The movies were eh, and so was the wine, but it was nice to be at home relaxing together. That's been rare lately.

A little before midnight, we bundled up and went bowling! It was great. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. The dance club atmosphere they have on weekend nights is so romantic, and we bowled pretty good games too.

Saturday I had to get up early to work. But SSB came shortly before closing to help me install a new coat rack. Nothing makes you feel more like a couple than working as a team on a project.

Then we went shopping at one of our favorite stores - Kohls. It's a Wisconsin based store that is AWESOME! Most of my wardrobe is either from Kohls or our local thrift store. They just have what I like and Kohls has some really impressive sales. We got between 40-75% off everything that we bought, plus an extra 15% off at the register! NICE!!

We used the money that we saved to eat at Applebees. It has been years since we have eaten there. We went during their busy dinner time, but still got in immediately AND got a BOOTH!! I love booths! Our waitress was a little creepy (as they tend to be in those places with crap on the walls) but the food was delicious!

We finished off the night with yet another mediocre movie and some cuddle time on the couch with our dogs.

You know it is love when you can spend your time together doing seemingly ordinary things and still feel like you are doing extraordinary things. I am definitely looking forward to the next 17!!

*Bush actually stopped at this store on his way through Wisconsin several years ago and cited stores like it as proof of the thriving economy -- uh, you know, no offense to the thrift store, but when thrift stores are thriving while new goods stores are not, it kind of gives the impression that people don't have the money for new goods. Also, thrift stores like that one get all their goods for free! People donate all the goods that the store sells, AND in that particular store, and some other stores like it, all the workers are volunteers too. So without money spent on merchandise or employees, how could they fail? Is that the way of the future according to Bush?


Anonymous said...


Many, Many more.

Sylvana said...

Shamus, aw, thanks! I know we will oblige!

Shannon said...



Congratulations! Hope you do go on that trip.

Michael Manning said...

Congratulations and yes, Applebee's is awesome with the half-order Pecan Crusted Salad!!!

Sylvana said...

Shannon, thanks. With that many years together in this era, I kind of feel like we won something. -- Or SHOULD win something!

Flubberwinkle, me too! It really does look promising :)

Michael, I had the Oriental Chicken Salad -- it was even good two days later when I ate it for breakfast! That's a huge feat for a salad!

Douglas Cootey said...

Getting away is great for relieving stress and finding new perspective on life. I hope you two get your chance. Happy anniversary! My wife and I will be celebrating our 20th this August. Long relationships aren't the norm anymore. Congratulations on making it work.


Sylvana said...

Douglas, there are a few things a couple can do together to test their compatibility -- home improvement and travel. We can do both, but we travel together much better than fix things together!
I attribute our longevity to the fact that we are both very similar and very different and the fact that we are willing to compromise in between.
Congratulations on your own rarity!

"AG" said...

Happy anniversary!

Come vacation in Maine! We have a Norway and China!

Sylvana said...

AG, Thanks!
And thanks for the suggestion, but we already have our plans made -- just need to take care of a few more things....