What a LOOOOONG weekend!!

I mentioned in a recent post that I would be solidifying plans for a vacation. The travel agent that we saw was not getting us the results that I had hoped for, so I decided to take another try at figuring it all out myself.

All week I was seeing some pretty good prices, and had even considered buying the tickets Thursday. But SSB thought we might want to go in to talk to the travel agent again on Friday.

I have had a really bad cold all week, and Friday I was busy trying to get caught up at work, so I forgot about going to see her. We stayed up late Friday night searching for tickets again, but all the searches that I had been doing all week were coming up far higher than they had been. We decided we should probably jump on some tickets before they went up anymore. I purchased tickets through Continental for about $400 more than we had been seeing, but at least we had tickets.

As is my nature, I fretted about the huge, last-minute commitment. I did some more searches Saturday and came up with a better deal and a better itinerary. Luckily, I was a Continental member and was able to cancel my reservations within 24 hours of booking. However, when I tried to complete the booking on the other airline, I kept getting knocked off everytime I got to the end of entering all my info! After the third time I was very frustrated, so you can imagine my state of mind when after the forth time that it happened and I re-ran the itinerary search, those same tickets came in as TWICE AS MUCH!!!

I shot the airline a scathing email about their website and how they had ruined our vacation plans, then I sat and cried for about 20 minutes. While SSB was preparing to storm the airline company to demand an apology for his fine lady, I decided to try a different itinerary. I not only found one that was still within our price range, I managed to save us a couple hundred over the original, too!

Since this airline does not have a 24 hour bail-out, we are indeed now committed to our plans.

What are they?

At the end of the summer, we are going to Scotland!! We have been saving some of my dual income, as I have mentioned. AND I managed to get my boss to agree to give me up for THREE WEEKS!! I haven't taken vacation in the two years that i have worked there(except for a day here and there) so I really do have it coming. And it is far enough in advance that I am not too worried about it. I know she is, but she will be fine.

We will be spending a day in Iceland, spend shy of three weeks in Scotland, and finish up our journey at Stonehenge before flying home. I am so excited! This will be the first time that SSB and JD have been overseas, and I know that they will LOVE Scotland! I already have accommodations in mind and have begun the remaining planning that will be needed. I am an efficient planner and have been told that I could make a great career creating vacation packages -- but you know what, I already have more careers than I know what to do with!

Speaking of that, my interview for the library position went well even though I was half hungover from my cold medicine. They really want me for the position and have even made accommodations for my travel plans, but I just don't think I can take the job. I feel horrible letting them down, but I'm sure that they can find someone that can fill the spot. I have no idea who they could have fill my shoes at the pharmacy!

But don't worry, she'll be fine for three weeks. I'm going to get hooked up with an international cell plan to keep in touch -- and there are always internet cafes!


Mrs. Loquacious said...

I am envious of your trip...Scotland? Hubbs is still not yet ready for European travel; he prefers to stay in N. America or else head to Asia.

The best part of any travel would have to be visiting old historic sites and museums. Be sure to include something of the sort as you plan out your itinerary! :)

Oh - and I am constantly amazed at how quickly website prices go up. Expedia may be one of the worst. Once it went up $80 in a span of about 45 minutes for the exact same itinerary.

Sylvana said...

Mrs. Loquacious, Scotland is a very easy country to get around and the people are great.

We love old buildings and geological formations -- so we will seeing a lot of that. I also have friends in Scotland that I will try to see. One I met on the blogosphere, and the other directed a cetacean voluteer program that I participated in a few years ago.

I have purchased many a trip related thing on the internet before, from hotel rooms to plane tickets, but that was THE SINGLE WORST experience of that kind. Truly horrible.
But I do have to say that the airline immediately responded to both the emails that I sent, and I thought the airline was great when I traveled on it; so they will get a reprieve from me.

Lyvvie said...

Can't Wait To See You!!!

Leon J. de la Garza said...

seems like it's going to be a great vacation..
i'm in need for some vacations..

i haven't had a real vacation since i was in highschool.. which means.. about 4 years now..
that sucks huh?

Im glad you are taking some vacations.. i hope you have a great time!

Sylvana said...

Lyvvie, it's going to be fun. I have already spent 2 months in Scotland traveling just about everywhere, from Ayrshire to Orkney. I can't wait to do it all over again with my family.

Plus, getting to meet another blogger makes it all that more exciting!

Leon, I am so ready for a vacation, I won't want to come back!

It wasn't as difficult to save for a vacation as I thought it would be. You should start planning a trip right now and saving up.