I was explaining to SSB my theory of how you might be better off NOT winning American Idol- you can retain more of your street cred. The winner is turned into a Miss America-style show pony and it is very hard to take them serious. I at first was disappointed to see Constantine lose the vote- but knowing that he still had a chance to go on and make meaningful music instead of being yoked to some evil corporate machine made me feel so much better.
THEN I saw the finale episode where all the losers form the Final 12 had to go on stage and sing some really gay renditions of The Beach Boys songs. I like The Beach Boys and gays, but that was just awful! It looked like an Old Navy commercial. How embarassing for them all. And there goes a huge chunk of Constantine's street cred. Oh well, I hope he's getting paid well at least.

I really want Bo Bice to win. Carrie Underwear can sing, but she is not as good as Bo. She's not even as good as Vonzelle who didn't make it to the final two.

10 more minutes...

5 more minutes...


OH NO!! Poor Bo. At least you can keep your street cred. Ha! Maybe he and Constantine can get together and scrape enough together between the two of them to go on and get an honorable career.

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Blogger Sask 1 said...

Actually my daughter bought that Constantines cd and its actually good(pray for the soul of Betty).
I wanted Bo to win as well.But thinking about it they'd of given him some girly song to sing if he had.

May 26, 2005 10:34 AM