Conversations At Our House v.6

Saturday, December 31, 2005 | 0 Comments

JD: Was Jesus ever a father? Did he have any children?

Sy: No. He didn't have any children.

SSB: That he knows of.


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Blogger evilsciencechick said...

HA! you guys are SO going to hell.

I'll see ya there.

January 01, 2006 1:24 AM

Blogger sideshow bob said...

Blasphemy is best served family style!

January 01, 2006 1:46 AM

Blogger Randi said...

haha htat was funny...and yes you are going to hell for that!

January 01, 2006 1:22 PM

Blogger Indigo Red said...

According to The DaVinci Code and assorted New Agers, Jesus elopped with Mary Magdelaine, settling down in the south of France to raise their family that is currently populated by huxsters and conmen.

The south of France was the original Promised Land to which Moses was headed. He got lost in the desert for forty years and, being a man, never stopped to ask directions.

See you in Hell!

January 01, 2006 3:13 PM

Blogger OldRoses said...


January 01, 2006 10:54 PM

Blogger Sylvana said...

ESC, yeah we are. We scare other parents. But the kids seem to like us.

SSB, the family that blasphemes together, stays together... nothing rhymes with "blasphemes".

Randi, as long as SSB and I are going to hell together, that's fine with me.

Indigo Red, maybe I will have to go to France to see what all the hubbub is about.

OldRoses, teehee!

January 02, 2006 11:13 PM