I have been feeling crabby all week, and today hadn't really been looking any better. I mean, I was pretty psyched about the ivory-billed woodpecker (how cool is that? Now they just have to confirm the thylacine) but then I was late to class, my hair was all frizzy, I lost my keys, and then I locked them in my car. What a shitty day! But then, the big, beautiful, brown truck came and gave me the modem that would make everything right. My ticket to HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS! Yeah, you heard me! And, the best part is that it's WIRELESS!!! Oh yeah! that's good stuff. Although taking six hours to install was no picnic. It really only should have taken 1-2 at the most. But nothing ever seems to go that smoothly for me. I was surprised I got it set up in one day. It usually takes me several days for something like this. At first the cable company didn't have me on record for having purchased broadband. Why did I get the equipment from them if I had never called to sign up for broadband? Is that an unanswerable philosophical question? No, the answer is: Comcast sucks. Then they said that I had to talk to the Internet Comcast people since that was where I had ordered it. OK, whatever. I call them, and they say that I have to order it all over again. Right. So I do. Now here's to hoping that they don't send me two bills. I try to set up the modem first. Uh, no go. Tech has to walk me through that. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that...wait. Is it working? YES! Behold! The power of the internet as it was meant to be. WooHoo! High Speed rocks! But then I have to tempt fate by hooking up the wireless router. The disc that was supposed to walk me through that was crap, so I once again had to rely on a tech. She's asking me which cable is hooked up where, and there are so many cables behind my computer at this point it looks like a pile of spaghetti. I keep plugging and pulling until- yeah! I have it! Now I can revel in the beauty of technology. Yes, yes. My Precious.


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Blogger Sylvana said...

I am just testing this out. I change the comment thing so that when you clicked on "comment", that's actually where it went. So here goes nothing.

April 29, 2005 10:18 PM

Blogger Scott said...

The big beautiful brown truck rocks. And yes, Comcast sucks fat monkey ass.

April 29, 2005 11:55 PM

Blogger Weary Hag said...

Good job at getting yourself hooked up and running in just six hours! It would probably take me a full day.

April 30, 2005 6:47 AM

Blogger sideshow bob said...

Dear Comcast customer,
It has been brought to our attention that you encountered some set up problems with you Comcast High Speed Internet Account. It is Comcast's position to be mindlful of these issues, and we would like to inform you that your concerns are groundless , and your complaints, moronic.
We know you has a choice when selecting an ISP...looks like you chose poorly.
Have a nice Comcast day.

April 30, 2005 11:04 AM

Blogger Sask 1 said...

That was good,i'd still be trying to figure out how to install it.

May 02, 2005 9:50 AM

Blogger Japan Deity said...

UPS rocks, Comcast sucks. No joke. High speed internet= Booya! I wish I could have a little of the High speed internet cake...

May 02, 2005 11:04 PM