I can't remember where I got this test. So sorry to whoever I snagged it from. I really did try to figure it out, but I'm throwing in that towel since I have way too many other things to do. If I eventually pull some time out of my ass and sleuth it out (and I believe that very action will decrease my purity a point or two), I will ammend. I promise!

Here is the result of your ACL 100 Point Purity Test.

You answered "yes" to 77 of 100 questions, making you 23.0% sexually pure (77.0% sexually corrupt); that is, you are 23.0% pure in the sex domain.
Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 40%, based on a comparison of your test results with 879613 other submissions for this test.

The average purity for this test is 56.5%.
The first submission for this test was received June 16, 1994.

To test your purity go to:


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Blogger Randi said...

i was 30% pure

August 12, 2005 2:44 PM

Blogger Kari said...

i was 45%

August 12, 2005 3:46 PM

Blogger Sylvana said...

There's still time ;)

August 12, 2005 4:10 PM

Blogger sideshow bob said...

I'm only 65% corrupt:( but maybe a little more....have we done it at your parents house? I put no, but then I wasn't entirely sure...

August 12, 2005 8:37 PM

Blogger Sylvana said...

Well, yeah! And yours.

August 12, 2005 9:35 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

32% pure!

August 12, 2005 10:05 PM

Blogger Sylvana said...

Ha!HA! Jennifer is less pure than you!

August 12, 2005 10:14 PM

Blogger OldRoses said...

33% Definitely something wrong with the scoring system. I was sure it was going to be much lower. I was a dissipated youth.

August 13, 2005 10:59 PM

Blogger The Doc said...

I'm 35% pure, which is actually much lower than I expected. Maybe I just don't think certain things are dirty...

August 14, 2005 1:41 AM

Blogger Sylvana said...

OldRoses, maybe you were more into quantity and not as much into novelty.

TheDoc, I think you should deduct a point for not recognizing some of these things as dirty.

August 15, 2005 9:11 AM

Blogger Scott said...

You want a weirdness factor? My (now) wife and I swapped scores from this test after our first date. That may have been what kept us interested in going on a second :)

August 15, 2005 1:21 PM

Blogger Sylvana said...

Scott, that is weird. And it made me laugh. What a great story.

August 15, 2005 1:51 PM