100 Bottles of Nyquil on the Wall!

Saturday, January 21, 2006 | 0 Comments

I have an awful cold that no matter what I do just seems to be getting worse. The Zicam didn't even touch it. All that ass-taste for NOTHING!!! grrr.

I usually take mega doses of vitamin C and that almost always does the trick, but I'm too nauseous to even think about it. Yesterday I did get some awesome vitamin C supplements made by Ricola that are elderberry flavored and double as throat lozenges, but my mini doxie ate them! That little shit!! I have him tethered to the kitchen bar table leg right now with a big bowl of water.

I've been sustaining myself on nothing but hot tea, clementines, various kinds of chicken soup, and all the cold medicine I can drink. Hmmmm... maybe THAT'S why I'm so nauseous.

I got a bunch of movies to watch from the library and video store (The 13th Warrior, Welcome to Mooseport, The Last Samurai, Honey, The Day After Tomorrow, Girl with the Pearl Earing, Tuck Everlasting, and Grave of Fireflies). I'm hunkering down on our harem couch (pillow backed, chenile upholstery, down filled cushions, nine feet long and as wide as a single bed) for the rest of the weekend.


Blogger nope said...

Wow, I'd love to hang out on your couch and watch all those movies! Except you couldn't even breathe on me, period. So that's out. Have you checked with your doctor? Colds usually do get better in some minute way, something that you'd know was better ... you might have something more serious... how do your lungs feel?

January 21, 2006 11:43 AM

Blogger Sylvana said...

Indiaiynke, you definitely DO NOT want to catch a cold from me! I mutate them into WDMs.

Colds tend to go straight to my lungs. I have had colds last several weeks to over a month. I have had so many of these I know when it is time to go to the doctor. I can still breathe, so I'm battling it myself.

Besides, I don't have health insurance.

January 21, 2006 3:44 PM

Blogger sideshow bob said...

See you on the couch!

January 21, 2006 9:55 PM

Blogger Sandy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

January 21, 2006 11:45 PM

Blogger Godknows said...

There are lots people have the same problem, but I hope you get better soon.
Happy New Year

January 22, 2006 10:41 AM

Blogger "AG" said...

Make sure that the chicken soup isn't canned. It has to be home made with love FOR you. Right, SSB? :)

January 22, 2006 11:58 AM

Blogger Sylvana said...

SSB, damn straight! I'll try not to breath on you.

Sandy, I'll try.

Godknows, welcome to my blog! Thanks!

AG, your comment inspired a post!

January 22, 2006 2:46 PM

Blogger "AG" said...

I wish I had inspired SSB to make you soup instead. ;)

January 22, 2006 5:10 PM

Blogger Wendy A said...

Syl- Did you watch The 13th Warrior?
I stunt rode in that movie. How ironic? I was one of those little neanderthal men galloping a Norigian Fjord ponies down the hills attacking the viking lodge.

I doubt watching it made you feel any better. Hope you feel better soon.

January 23, 2006 4:43 AM

Blogger Sylvana said...

AG, I never did get my chicken soup! But I did get a nice head and neck massage. :)

Wendy A, AWEWSOME!!! I did watch it. Did you get to carry a torch? That seriously just made my day!! You are my hero.

January 23, 2006 8:27 AM

Blogger sands of time said...

Well chicken soup andsome relaxing should help.

January 23, 2006 11:37 AM

Blogger Sylvana said...

Pink Lady, I think that it did. I'm up for more of the same.

January 23, 2006 5:37 PM

Blogger DrMax said...

AAAAA CHOOOOO.....uh.....sorry Syl. The whole family here is suffering from the same winter crud. Spent the weekend in a fog of clogged nasal passages and over the counter drugs. I did forgo the ass flavored Zicam, so thanks for the heads up. For such a little girl, my daughter has produced an amazing amount of snot. Son and wife doing better so there is hope we will all be healthy for some part of 2006.

January 23, 2006 5:59 PM

Blogger Sylvana said...

DrMax, I finally got my voice back - I had all but lost it for two days - but I still have that irritating tickly cough and junk in my lungs. But the fact that I am in some way BETTER, gives me hope!
Hope you are all feeling well soon too!!

January 23, 2006 9:26 PM

Blogger OldRoses said...

Sylvana, you have my sympathy! This is a bad one. It lasts two weeks instead of the usual one week or seven days for a cold. I'm on week two right now. The awful body aches and exhaustion are gone, but the runny nose and sneezing still lingers.

January 26, 2006 5:16 AM