WAAAAAAAAY back on September 5th Shannon said some pretty nice things about me in a post about "The single best post you've read on any blog" meme. She named my post on Katrina "Looters" and the follow up post as the most instigating posts she has read. WHOOHOO!! Now that makes me proud.

Seriously. I have a tear in my eye. *sniff*


I would like to take this opportunity to thank her and apologize all at once.

I am not worthy!!

And now onto the tag. Yeah she tagged me for this meme, and what better way to beg for forgiveness than to actually do the dang thing.

Hmmmm.... best post I've ever read on any blog.
That actually is a very difficult a question to answer seeing as I could name several for completely different reasons.

As I am not as thoughtful as Shannon, and twelve hour work days kind of take a bite out of my blogging time, I will name the one that always come to mind when I think of the best posts that I have read on the blogosphere- Dr Max's

Thomas Kinkade's "Meth Lab in the Woods" a Poor Seller



AG said...

That is awesome. I hate Kinkade's garrish work.

Shannon said...

No worries! I've been aterrible blogger recenly myself. It's been harder and harder to post and read blogs! Apology accepted. I love reading your blog.

sands of time said...

We all have real lifes and i myself have had so little time lately to blog and visit other blogs.


SierraBella said...

That was too funny!
I know someone who would just love this Kinkade work of art.

Sylvana said...

AG, I have to hand it to Kinkade, though. He is a master of light.

Shannon, aw, thanks!

PinkLady, I keep hoping that soon I will have a routine and be able to get back to my regular blogging, but it just really doesn't seem to be working out that way.

Sierrabella, DrMax is one of the funniest, creative bloggers I know. I highly recommend his other work.