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We had enough flooring left over from the kitchen to do one of the bedrooms. We chose the one off the living room since that would be the most visible to visitors. It was shag dark brown carpeting originally (and of course I forgot to take a picture). But here is a picture of the room after we tore the carpeting out.

Still, not so great looking, eh? But even this is a great improvement over that carpeting - yuck!
That circular area on the left was a huge hole in the floor. We were guessing that it was either part of the passive heating the older homes used to have (even ours has passive heating grates in the floor. Passive heat is basically heating the first floor, and the heat will rise to the second floor through the holes in the floor. Lovely.), or it was hole for the stove pipe. We patched the hole with a piece of plywood and leveled it with some Bondo-like material.

This floor took a LOT LESS time! JD and I had it nearly finished in less than 4 hours. I think it is a HUGE improvement.

There IS another bedroom with an even uglier carpet...


sands of time said...

You'll need a little sign saying
Wood is Good
your house is looking great with those floors

Sylvana said...

Pink, I really like wood, and these floors are way easier to keep clean.

Lindsay Lobe said...

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Excellent work on the flooring

Best wishes

Sylvana said...

Lindsay, Wisconsin monks?! WOW, you just told me something about Wisconsin that I didn't know.