Leaguing and Landlording

Sunday, October 08, 2006 | 0 Comments

I mentioned bowling to Blue one day, and she asked me if we bowled. I said that we did, sort of. That's great, she said, wanna join a league and bowl with me and my husband? Sure! I said.

So, SSB and I are now in a bowling league. And we finally got to try out our new ball.

I had told Blue that I wasn't a very good bowler, so she shouldn't expect much.
BUT, I bowled the best game of my life - 149. Yeah, I know that isn't spectacular, but I was happy!

We've also been renovating one of the apartments that we own. We bought the house in pretty rough shape, and have been tackling the repairs and upgrades a little at a time. Whenever a renter leaves, we scramble to get as many repairs and upgrades as we can get done before the next person moves in. This time we had replacing kitchen flooring on the agenda. The flooring in this kitchen was a dark brown CARPET!


I was so excited to finally be getting rid of the carpet that I forgot to take a picture of it before we tore it out, but here is a picture of what the floor under the carpet looked like.

It was hardwood flooring, but it was covered in paint and glue, so we were putting in laminate instead. Besides, I got a really sweet deal on the laminate.



Lindsay Lobe said...

I think 149 was a great score, maybe you can team up with a local league team !!.

Have you tried lawn bowls, a slower pace but more variety?

Best wishes

Flubberwinkle said...

Those floors look good enough to bowl on!

Wendy A said...

Carpet? what were they thinking? Looks like a huge improvement. Good buy vaccume.

Shannon said...

Why would you cover a hardwood floor with brown carpet?

Were they drunk!

149 is a great score- I don't care what anyone says. Some of us aspire to bowl that well...

Sylvana said...

Lindsay, no I have not tried lawn bowling. The reason bowling is so big around here is because you can do it inside! It gets cold here and we need something to do during the winter.

Flubberwinkle, :))

Wendy A, I actually like the kitchen now.

Shannon, highly possibly drunk.
I was pretty happy with my score. I was afraid of making a complete fool out of myself.

Heather said...

That new laminate looks great! It's what we have in our kitchen. The guy that lived in the house before us was a carpet installer so he carpeted most everything in the house before they moved out. Including the master bathroom!! We have carpet around our toilet & shower! So weird...

Congrats on your 149!!!

sands of time said...

Ive only ever bowled once and i was quite good at it.Your floor looks great.


Sylvana said...

Heather, I've seen carpet in bathrooms. That is WAY worse than carpet in the kitchen!

Pink, maybe you should join a league!