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I went to "Beerfest" by Broken Lizard with my new boss from my first job (the library job) tonight. Yeah you read that right. I mentioned that I wanted to go to it and she said that she wanted to too, but her husband wouldn't go with her. Yeah, you read that right too.

It was frickin hilarious!!

SSB and I had gone to "Super Troopers" on our anniversary because the movie that we were intending to see was sold out. And DAMMIT! I wanted a movie!

I laughed through the whole movie. "Super Troopers" reminded me of my senior year in high school. I swear the police in my home town were JUST LIKE THEM!!

"Beerfest" reminded me of my Freshman year in college. I was in the Fantastic Four of drinkers on our campus. There was Jahnke at #1 - no one could touch him. He was over 200 lbs and could bong a handle of liquor. Once he did a four story bong. Jahnke wasn't human. We later rented an apartment from his mom. A nice lady. She said, "Oh, you must know my son!" Uh, yeah. I only partied in his room EVERY NIGHT my freshman year! But I said, "Yeah, he's very popular."
At #2 was a girl named Chris. This girl could down a bottle codeine and still out-drink everyone but Jahnke.
Tied for #3 were myself and a guy that everyone called HatMan. They called him HatMan because he sucked at Three-Man, always had the hat, but was always one of the last people standing. Usually it was me, him and Jahnke still alive at 5am. Who knows where Chris was. She was a wanderer.

My boss really enjoyed the movie too. When she first started at the library, everyone thought she was wound too tight (which I recognized as her being nervous) and not warm enough for thier liking. I have been trying to loosen her up ever since she started. J (see: Friends and Family) looked at me like I was nuts when I told her that I was going to go to the movies with her(this boss, Jo, is J's boss). I think J thought I had cracked under the stress of all the long hours I have been working. But I am so glad that I went. We got to talk, and she is fun. And I think that she really appreciated the extension of friendship, as she is from out of state. I think I would go do something with her again. So I thank "Beerfest" for that.

And I thank "Beerfest" for letting me re-live my magical Freshman year in college.

But mostly, I think I thank "Beerfest" for giving me THIS.
I have been trying to get the name to this for YEARS!!
A friend of mine (who I know reads this blog) also loves this. By some strange coincidence, it always seemed to come on the radio when we would get in her car to go to lunch together and we would have a lot of fun trying to sing it. So to her, I'd like to say "You're welcome! And, Enjoy!".


Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Plastic Bertrand has wayyyy too many zippers on his damn jacket. Just sayin.

Here's a shocker - I love Super Troopers as well. They (Broken Lizard) haven't lived up to that movie since then, so I'm glad to hear BF does.

You have to love actors who feel only real vomit can be used in their nmovies. That's committment to the craft.

Astoria said...

Are you talking about me?? Cause I LOVE THAT SONG!! Just checking...

Sylvana said...

Shamus, there was not one part of this movie that I did not like. In fact, this was one of the better movies that I have seen in awhile!!

Astori, I was indeedy talking about you!

sideshow bob said...


Sylvana said...

SSB, OH YEAH!! That was funny. There's something about that phrase that is just funny in it's own right, like the sound of a cat screeching.

Astoria said...

AWSOME!! You know I try to explain that song and the moment to people and they just don't understand it...
Oh well, I guess you just had to be there! :)

Shannon said...

You know, I'd commented on this a while ago and had some egregious error. Stupid Blogger!

I LOVE that Plastic Bertrand song. I've never seen Super Troopers...but maybe it's time.

OldRoses said...

Wow, I can't believe you admit to drinking heavily on a blog that is read by your offspring.

Sylvana said...

Astoria, I find a lot of moments are moments you had to be there.

Shannon, yeah Blogger sucks, but it is FREE! I think, having lived in Wisconsin previously, you will enjoy Super Troopers.

OldRoses, hey, I'm from Wisconsin. Drinking is a family legacy here.

Elizabeth said...

I. cannot. believe. I. have. never. heard. that. song.

THANK YOU... It's just the kind of crappy euro-trash pop that is right up my alley!!!! Cool!