[Thursday, sitting at Pizza Hut, in the window seat facing parking lot, watching people come out of the grocery store with their goodies. SSB notices that most people are coming out with mega-bundles of toilet paper.]

SSB: That's an embarrassing amount of toilet paper to buy. They must be having a sale.

Sy: OR it's homecoming.

JD: It is homecoming tomorrow! How did you know?

Sy: Ha! I rule!

[Saturday at the art store buying supplies for JD.]

Sy: We should get a big pack of really nice, high quality colored pencils for JD since he likes to draw so much.

SSB: I don't think he needs that big of a pack.

Sy: [looking over the pack] Well, I think it is important to spend the money to invest in JD's artistic talent- HOLY $80!!!

SSB: [giggling] So a smaller pack, then?

[An hour later at the Tibetan/Nepalese restaurant in the middle of our shopping day; the waitress is just bring our food to the table.]

Sy: We still have a lot of shopping to do so everyone better have a big enough appetite to finish all their food. There will be absolutely NO to-goes.

The waitress places SSB and JD's normal-sized servings in front of them and then puts Jethro-bowl of soup in front of Sy.

SSB and JD: [bust out laughing.]

Sy: [rolling eyes] OK, fine then. To-goes it is.


Lindsay Lobe said...

Homecomings for more toilet paper !!
Patterned colours will match your new den ?
Pencils for JD’s equations and drawings ?
Jethroes soup, is it tiny potion with bread ?

best wishes

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Your conversations always crack me up. You guys are hilarious.

Sylvana said...

Lindsay, the soup was very good. I asked for it REALLY spicy, but it wasn't THAT spicy!

Shanus, I'm so touched that we have received "Shamus' Hilarity Seal of Approval". Most people around these parts just pull their children close and run away.

Heather said...

Your conversations remind me of our house. There's always a lot of laughing!

Sylvana said...

Heather, many of our conversations remind of Seinfeld.