The Egyptians Would Have Been Proud

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 | 0 Comments

Ned called to see if we still needed help moving our piano so that we could finish the flooring in our dining room. I told him that we in fact did not. We had decided to try and move it ourselves instead; and through some clever yet simple engineering on my part we were able to move the piano and not damage the floor at all. I told him the Egyptians would have been proud.
Then he said, "Oh, so you got slaves to do it for you."


So as you may have guessed by this point we have finished the floor in the dining room. Let me remind you what it looked like before.

Although I did still like the flooring that was in there, it was getting ragged and really needed to be replaced. And I like it so much better now.

We just have the office to finish - and that should be a breeze.


evilsciencechick said...

simply GO-geous!

sands of time said...

Wow that looks so nice

Flubberwinkle said...

Excellent. You guys are reeeeally good!

I feel like tap dancing on it (i.e. if I knew how).

OldRoses said...

Envy, envy, envy!

Shannon said...

What an amazing difference! Be-you-tea-full

The Doc said...

Very nice. I like how the tone of the floor goes with your walls. Must be nice to have an eye for colour.

Sylvana said...

ESC, thank you, darling.

PinkLady, I was pretty impressed with it myself.

Flubberwinkle, we have all already slid across it many times.

OldRoses, hehhehheh!

Shannon, what I really like is that the dog hair is so much easier to clean up! We were inspired by your aunt's flooring. I could only hope that our house would ever be so beautiful as her's.

The Doc, it is nice. It sure makes gardening easier.

Randi said...

it looks very good!!!

Gary said...

Nice floor! Nice blog too...I found you via Lindsay's Lobes in Oz.

From your music choices, I think you might like Regina Spektor, who my 16 year old daughter introduced me to.

link here

Shannon said...

Sy- Ditto! I'd love to have a house that cool. But it looks like your house is really coming along nicely.

Derek Knight said...

that looks fantastic

Wendy A said...

Lovly! We just did the same to our new house. Only problem is our big dog is putting down some pretty big skid marks into the wood. Regardless..It is a huge improvement.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Sylvana !! Good one. The Egyptian’s would be very impressed, not only with the engineering feat of moving that piano but with your colour and appearance which is simply superb !!
Best wishes

Sissy said...

The floor is beautiful, but I really like the wall with the window. What kind of treatment is on that wall? It's wonderful and the wood and the paint make it a very warm and inviting place to be!
Is it a wash of some kind???

Sylvana said...

Randi, thanks!

Gary, welcome to my blog! I will have to check that artist out.

Shannon, I was told by a good friend that it has a wonderful homey feeling... or was that homley?

Derek, awe, thanks!

Wendy A, the cool thing about real wood is that it looks good with dents and scuffs.

Lindsay, I intended the walls to look like bomber jacket leather, but the whole room took on a pumpkin pie feeling instead. I was happy! And it always makes me hungry!!

Sissy, welcome to my blog! The walls are done with a basecoat of a paint color called Sandstone and a glaze called Sienna Red or something like that and another glaze that was yellowish, Goldenrod? I put the base coat on in one layer (if you are glazing, you really don't need a second coat). Then I got a plate and poured two puddles of the glaze on it and used a REAL SEA SPONGE (very important!). Then I just dipped part of the sponge in one colored puddle and another part in the other color and started dabbing it on the walls. As you dab, move and rotate the sponge in as many directions as you can. Do not over-coat the wall. You do want some of the base coat to show through. It does take some trial and error to get the amounts the way that you want, so you might want to practice on a piece of drywall first (I didn't). My walls are half plaster half brown coat (the cement-like stuff that goes under the plaster coat - I guess they just gave up when they were building our house:)

Sissy said...

I thank you for explaining that to me. I did buy the Mocha glaze with a pottery colored wall, but by the time I had finished, it looked like a child had broken into the Hershey syrup and made a mess.
Pass the KILZ, please!!