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I share a home with two other people and I was having lunch at home with my housemates. One was in the livingroom with me watching Pat Encroce: Moving In (anyone who has seen the show will get the joke. But it is actually a great show, I highly recommend) and the other housemate was in the kitchen fixing something to eat. We heard a noise and then my housemate watching TV with me says, "Something smells like puke."

I got up to see what had happened and yes indeed, the dining room reeked of vomit. I could see the dog with his face to the floor licking something up. "Oh I think the dog threw up."

I asked my housemate in the kitchen if he knew what had happened. "Uh," he stammers, "I had an accident."

"Did you throw up?" I asked.

"No, I dumped the Parmesan on the floor."

Now I love cheese as much or more than the average Wisconsinite, but I have to tell you, that was disgusting! I can barely believe I actually eat that stuff! The smell lingered for hours, even though we cleaned four times and used half a can of air freshener.

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Blogger Sask 1 said...

Totally gross lol

March 01, 2005 1:41 PM