The Joys of Dumpster Diving

Monday, March 14, 2005 | 0 Comments

I have been looking for a hutch for above my desk and a cart/table for my kitchen for awhile now. My desk is in a tiny alcove and I was planning on just building in shelves (but at the rate I get things completed, that might never have gotten done). I had found a couple kitchen cart/tables that I thought would do the job, but they were expensive and I would have to order them online (I'm not spending that much money on something without being able to look at it first and kick the wheels- so to speak). But lo, the dumpster gods smiled on me yesterday. I was passing by a house that had a roll-off parked in their yard and they had a bunch of old furniture in it. I saw the legs of a small desk sticking out of it and thought that they looked a lot like the legs on the carts that I had been looking at. I looked into the dumpster to find the desk in great shape and in the format that I was looking for in a cart. I figured I could throw some wheels on it or at least take the two turned posts that served as the supports to the open ends to build my own cart (I priced those posts at the hardware store the other day and they were about $10 each). I knocked on the door and asked if I could have the desk. The woman was thrilled that I was interested and told me she had the other drawer in the other room and she would go get it for me. So I had a complete desk soon to be kitchen cart when I noticed that there was a hutch for the desk in the dumpster too. I grabbed that as well. Everything was in great shape and as it turned out they were the exact dimensions that I needed for the areas in my house! How lucky was that? And for FREE! Now I actually have desk space and the hutch looks like it is built in to the alcove, like it was made for the space. I'm working on converting the desk, but I already have the butcher block table top, now I just need to put wheels on the bottom and some shelves in the open space. I hate to waste so I love it when I can reconfigure old things for new uses and when I can get those things for free it's even sweeter. I just have one question that has been nagging at me- why hadn't she thrown that drawer away with the rest of the desk? Hmmm....