Sleepless In Wisconsin

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 | 0 Comments

Just doesn't seem to have the same ring, does it? You know, I never saw the movie. I'm not much for formula movies or chick-flicks. I really like unusual films- ones that make you think, like "Brazil" and "Memento" (which, by the way, I am pretty close to being that guy- let's just say that I really need to make up a Post-It on getting stock in Post-Its). Although, I also immensely enjoy a good idiot humor movie like "Dumb and Dumber" or "Super Troopers".
The reason I am sleepless is because I have a migraine. I can't sleep-off a migraine; they just get worse, so I have to stay up until this one is gone. Sucks, I know. The doctors don't know what caused my migraines (it can be different for different people) but I think it might be linked to the time that I rammed my head into a coffee table so hard I had to get stitches when I was three, or the time that I rammed my head into a door frame so hard that I almost knocked myself unconscious except I am too damn stubborn for that when I was ten, or the time that I slammed the back of my head into a cement wall during a party and ended up with a lump the size of Alaska when I was eighteen; but this is just speculation of course. I haven't fully sorted out the triggers either. Sometimes it seems like they come on from allergies, sometimes from bad food, sometimes from tension in my neck, and sometimes from dehydration. I think this one is a combo of all four.
Generally I have to take allergy pills with lots of Mt. Dew. Who knew that Mt. Dew also had medicinal purposes? I just got a prescription for Imitrex, but the damn stuff costs $15 a dose, and that's after my insurance picks up their portion! So I'm saving it for truly desperate occasions. Come on universal health care! Speaking of which, Minnesota is working on a new bill that will basically make them a universal health care coverage state. I keep wanting to like them, but then a Minnesotan will ram into me with their cart in Target and look at me like I'm the idiot or they come to my quiet little town to get out of the city then fight to drag a Walmart here because 8 miles is just too far to drive for those fantastic U.S.-job-sucking NAFTA deals.
(As a disclaimer though, these types seem to only be prevalent in the Twin Cities area. Most out-of-Cities MNs I meet are OK).