Speaking of home improvement- my housemate (the non-clutzy one) and I were putting in new shower/tub fixtures since our tub spout has been dripping since forever and it was only getting worse. We hoped it would be a matter of just swapping out the parts, but when he took the wall off to get at the plumbing we realized that everything was transgendered- all the fittings that were female on the old fixtures were male on the new fixtures- so we would have to pretty much re-plumb the whole damn thing. We're not plumbers, although we each have had a little experience with it- even soldering joints. Our ace in the hole is that I am very good at learning on the fly and I am mechanically inclined- even if I don't know all the proper names to the parts. So we head to the hardware store to get a bunch of parts that we don't know the proper names to. After a long struggle trying to explain to the hardware employee the parts that we think we will need, he looks at us sceptically and says, "Sounds like you two are doing something you probably shouldn't be." Look buddy, if it weren't for all of us out there doing things to our homes that we probably shouldn't be, the hardware stores would be out of business!