It's Frickin Nipply!

Saturday, February 03, 2007 | 0 Comments

We have an arctic front moving through our area. Today it was around -10° F (-20° with windchill) and it is supposed to be even colder tomorrow. I let my dog out for a couple of minutes today and when I called him back in he stood out in the middle of the yard and gave me a desperate look. I called him again and he started to hobble toward the house. About 5 feet from the door he stopped, looked down at his feet, rolled onto his butt, stuck all his feet into the air and whimpered for me to come get him. Awe! What a big baby. But the hell if I was going out there to get him! I just called to him in my doggie-funtime voice (the one that you use with dogs to get them all excited) to get him to come in.
We tried putting booties on his feet, but they will not stay on his feet. We may have to break out the training pads or diapers for a few days.

We are spending the weekend holed up with hot cocoa, a pile of movies, and of course, THE SUPER BOWL! And a historic one at that.

Plus, the news that Brett Favre will be serving The Packers another season is enough to keep everyone in Wisconsin warm for quite a while!


sideshow bob said...

I'm calling this one the Lovie-Dungy Super Bowl...which sounds a little dirty.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Doggie booties? In our neighborhood, all the dogs make fun of those unless you get the Nike ones. Those are cool.

Wendy A said...

Gosh, Superbowl???? I don't even know who is playing. What a bad American I have become.

We just finished the "superbowl" of the cricket world. That was kinda fun for a change. Missed the half time show.

Hope it warms up for you. I have heard your winters have been brutal.

Steven Novak said...

Wow...that's cold...

It's 75 here.

NOt that I'm rubbing it in your face or anything. :)


OldRoses said...

Superbowl? Is that why the grocery store was empty?

Sylvana said...

SSB, what about Dungy-Lovie?

Shamus, we almost got him the Nike ones, too. But he already gets laughed at, so we saved ourselves the money.

Wendy, I learned about cricket from a Bollywood movie "Lagaan". I recommend it!

Steven, at least we have snow this time. I hate it when it gets cold and there is no snow. What's the point?

OldRoses, it was -20F here and Sam's Club was PACKED Saturday. Definitely Super Bowl weekend!