Bowling Bonanza

Sunday, February 25, 2007 | 0 Comments

Tonight it was just SSB and me on our bowling team - our partners are in Texas, missing all this beautiful snow we've been getting no less!
We were a little nervous about bowling by ourselves since more than a few of the teams get kind of serious about their game.

Oh hell, what I really mean is that they are bitchy!

I think the bartender knew I needed some extra support tonight. Every time we bowl I get a pitcher of Cherry Coke (they make it from scratch, yummy!). Tonight, for the first time, he threw a bunch of long stem cherries in the bottom of the pitcher. AWE! How Sweet!

But our opposing team tonight was pretty nice, which took a lot of stress off us. Which was good since my first game was awful!! I bowled a 94. I hate getting under 100, especially during league games. But by the middle of the second game I figured out what I was doing wrong and my last game was my BEST.GAME.EVER!! 156!! Yah, Sucka!!

Thanks Bartender Guy!


Shannon said...

If 94 is a bad game, then I'm really in trouble! :D Congrats on the high score- was the secret the extra cherries?

Sylvana said...

Shannon, for the longest time, if I got over 90 I was bowling a really good game. When my back got injured 7 years ago, I had to learn how to do a lot of things in my life differently - bowling was one of them. Surprisingly, the way I have to bowl to save my back also greatly improved my game!
Although I still would never have dreamed of getting a 156; I do think it was the cherries. Ask for them when you go bowling.

sands of time said...

How do they make cherry coke from scratch.I love Cherry coke and its sounds yummy.

Sylvana said...

Sands, they mix fountain Coke and cherry syrup. It gives a much stronger, fresher cherry flavor than the premixed Cherry Coke. And when you throw in real cherries - it's Da BOMB!

ag said...

I'm giggling at you calling the snack bar guy "bartender."

Sylvana said...

AG, he IS a bartender! Everything's a bar in Wisconsin. Our K-marts sell liquor.