I haven't posted in awhile because I have been working long hours at both jobs, I'm cranky from the humidty, and every time I start typing a post I'd get pissed at myself for sounding so boring.

Well, it rained last night and cooled down so I'm not cranky anymore, and because of that, I really don't care if I'm boring. Deal.

SSB and I replaced a dishwasher in one of our rental units last week. We have never installed a dishwasher before, but that has never stopped me from doing things. I say that you come into this world not having done anything before; you didn't let that stop you then and you shouldn't let that stop you now.

Dishwashers are surprisingly light! And it wasn't that hard to hook up either - mostly because we were just taking out the old one and putting in a new one. If we had to start from scratch (like, tying it into the plumbing and all that) I would have a very different story to tell.

Yesterday we went shopping. We looked at canoes and tires, both of which are very expensive. We didn't buy either, but we did get a bowling ball. It is so gross to get the loaner balls at the lane. They are always greasy and sometimes have some sort of gunky residue on them. Eventually we will get our own shoes.

We ended our shopping day at Kowalski's (an upscale grocery store). It was dark (around 9:30pm). As we were walking up to the store we could hear this woman in a car is arguing with this guy in a wife-beater standing on the sidewalk.
She screams, "I don't want to talk to you about this here!"
He mumbles something about going somewhere and talking to her about it later.
He mumbles something to her.
She screams, "Look you FUCKER, I can't sit here all day! I gotta go drop these kids off!!"
At that point we had reached the store and thought it rude to just stand and watch. When we left a half hour later, the car was gone, but he was still standing there. You can all make up your own story about what they were arguing about.

We've got a BBQ to go to today and next Sunday too. Both should be pretty interesting. Today's is at Elle's house (see "Family and Friend's" sidebar thingy if you want to know who anyone is). The people that I work with get a little rowdy when they get together, so it should be fun. And Elle made sure to let everyone know that her dog has giardia.
So it sounds like it will be like going to Mexico without the culture.

Next week we are having a BBQ over at Ned's. I think he misses us. He drove by our house yesterday at 8:30am to see if we were out in the yard. Usually on the weekends we don't get up before 10am, but it was going to rain and I had just woke up SSB to help me get the old dishwasher out of the yard and into the back of the car. I waved and thought that he would probably circle around to come talk to us, neither of us were really dressed nor in the mood for socializing. This morning I had to get up early to go grocery shopping for the BBQ (it is a pot luck and I'm making chicken wings). As I was going out to the garden at around 8:45am to dump out coffee grounds, Ned pulls up again. We talked for awhile and set plans for a BBQ - he's making the kabobs and we're bringing the Leinie's.

He's one of the friendliest, down-to-earth guys I know. And he's funny and fun to talk to. Both SSB and I enjoy his company a lot. I think the reason he's so lonely lately is because his wife left him and his daughter is going away to college. He has tons of friends, but most of them seem rather dull. I think SSB and I are probably the most interesting friends that he has. He's can seem very white-bread suburban on the surface, but I always get the sense that he has some fun darkness brewing underneath. It's a treat to see it peak out now and then. Maybe next week we can get him drunk enough to get a good show.


DrMax said...

Chicken wings and Leinie's. Go ahead Syl, just pop that beautiful image in my head when I'm too far away to partake. You're killing me here.

Sylvana said...

DrMax, my chicken wings were a big hit too!

Randi said...

ok, canoes, bowling balls, and tires......can you guys get any more random? hehe :)

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Canoes are very reasonable! But don't buy one, find a fallen log and then carve out the middle with a sharp axe.

Snowshovels make great paddles!

Shannon said...

I've had a little giardia before. No fun!

For some reason, this post makes me miss summer in Wisconsin!

"AG" said...

This made me giggle and cringe: "It is so gross to get the loaner balls at the lane. They are always greasy and sometimes have some sort of gunky residue on them." Ewwww! Loaner balls with grease!

BBQ, mmmmmmm!

sideshow bob said...

Those loaner balls are gross, but it's just so exciting to go to bowling alleys to see all those fine athletic specimens. Plus, it's one of the few "sports" that lets you drink beer during the competition!

Sylvana said...

Randi, we are pretty random. We just let life take us where it will.

Shamus, I don't know if I have the arm strength for snow shovel paddles.

Shannon, was it the canoes? the bowling? the beer? the grilling? the woman screaming and swearing at her man in a parking lot to quit being such a fucking jackass?

AG, now you just made me cringe!

SSB, northern athletics, the secret to the traditional Wisconsin body tone.

Elizabeth said...

Giardia really sucks and gives you eggy burps. I've had it too. I feel sorry for the dog.


Douglas Cootey said...

Yep, pretty close to what I experienced, except the roles were reversed and instead of being sheepish the girl was diplomatic (although I don't know why). Thanks for visiting. It's always nice to hear from you again. It's nice to be back this way, too. ;)

Sy said...

Doug, I really, really wanted to stand there and watch. If they are going to do that in public, it should be OK to watch, right?