No Effin Way!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 | 0 Comments

Just seconds ago I was watching a commercial for a new movie coming out with Samuel L. Jackson. He is a protection specialist in charge of a very important witness, but something goes wrong. The ninja-like assassin that wants his witness dead finds a way around Samuel.

Is it through the legendary ninja lethal stealthiness?

No. The guy puts a bunch of poisonous snakes on the plane transporting the witness.

Oh, but that isn't the dumbest part. The name of the movie?

Snakes on a Plane

I shit you not.

Samuel. Oh, Samuel. Quentin gave you a shot at career redemption and this is what you do with it?


evilsciencechick said...

Snakes on a plan is ALREADY cult favorite on the internet. In spite of the fact that this movie is obvious crap, because of the internet buzz, I will BET you that this movie will be the #1 movie of the summer.

Sylvana said...

ESC, I was reading that. They even reshot and added some scenes to cater to the whims of the internet groupies.

Heather said...

From the title alone, you'd think Samuel would have screaming the other way when he saw the script.

Scott said...

Luckily internet cultists don't usually push movies to #1. If they changed the movie to appeal to them, chances are it won't appeal to us.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

I bet that movie pitch meeting was the shortest in film history.

"The premise of this movie is snakes on a plane."
"Cool, what's the title?"
"Snakes on a plane."
"I love it."

Sylvana said...

Heather, you would think. He does have a weird sense of humor though. Maybe it is his humor that it appealed to.

Scott, I'm still wondering how people saw this on the internet before it even hit the theaters.

Shamus, I had that very dialog going on in my head after they flashed the title. I was thinking, they just keep getting lazier in Hollywood. And it's sad to think that they think they don't have to work very hard for us.

sideshow bob said...

Sweetie, you are so out of the loop!

And FYI, Samuel is an artist and blacksploitation is a valid art form...if you don't believe me just watch I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka!

sideshow bob said...

This is a great scene from the movie.

The Doc said...

When I went to see Pirates this weekend, they had a fake plane safety brochure featuring what to do if snakes did, in fact, happen to be on your plane. I have to see this movie.

Derek Knight said...

Yes, such a shame that it took THIS long for the Snakes on a Plane propaganda machine to reach you. I believe that Snakes on a Plane has been part of my vocabulary for two months now.

Of course, it's not like I say "Snakes on a Plane" with reverence. Or awe. Or appreciation. It's more like "can this be at all serious?"

It's like changing the name of "the Sixth Sense" to "Don't waste your time, Bruce Willis is actually dead."

Flubberwinkle said...

The movie hasn't come out yet in Europe but I was hoping the title was metaphorical... I mean, "Snakes on a Plane", really... Hollywood? Will Parseltongue speaking Harry Potter be making a cameo appearance?

Shannon said...

I'm torn. I know this movie is going to be crap, but I'm a sucker for cult classics and kitch. I think I will see it. I also saw the same propoganda/marketing that Doc saw and found it amusing...

DrMax said...

What's not to like? Snakes! On a plane!

Best title ever.

Sylvana said...

SSB, that scene is interesting enough to make me want to watch this movie.

The Doc, that is some pretty original promotion.

Derek, I'm beginning to think that we are not supposed to take this movie seriously. I read the post that Flubberwinkle linked to and they aluded to it being campy.

Flubberwinkle, thanks for the link. That helped put this movie in a whole new light for me.

Shannon, I will have to see the movie. Even if it IS bad, I will have to see it just so that I can see just how bad it is. I think the commercial was set up to get you all in the "serious" mode then they spring the "ridiculous" on you at the end for a stronger comedic sense. I think my mind was wandering by time they got to the funny.

DrMax, at least you know exactly what you will be getting when you go to the movie.

Shannon said...

Check this out:

Wendy A said...

I saw a preview for that. How stupid is that? Sometimes the movie industry is insulting.

Sylvana said...

Shannon, yet another example of fine creative promotions. Stop it or you will make me like this movie.

Wendy A, the only way that this movie can truly redeem itself with me is to be REALLY funny!

sands of time said...

It will be the box office hit of the year.Its had so much internet hype.