Why Do I Do This To Myself?

Friday, August 18, 2006 | 0 Comments

As if our lives aren't havoc enough, we are now completely ripping up the first floor of our house to install new flooring. It needs to be done. In fact it has needed to be done for at least 20 years.

Seriously. Our flooring is from the 30s!

We kept putting it off. But we can't put it off anymore. We have a bunch of people that want to come visit us-


SSB and I are pretty tolerant of our surroundings. We are fine with a little dust and clutter.
OK - I admit it, a LOT of dust and clutter.

But other people aren't as tolerant to the dust and clutter and worn down look. And I usually don't care what other people think, but this time I am thinking that they may be right and maybe there is a good reason to not have the dust and clutter.

Too much clutter means I can't find what I need.
Too much dust means my allergies are through the roof.

And what the hell, I always wanted hardwood floors.

At Sams Club we got enough snap together red oak hardwood flooring to do half of the first floor of our house. Not the laminate - REAL WOOD!
OK, so it is engineered and only the top layer is oak, but it is still real wood, and that suits me just fine. Plus since it is snap together, so if we ever decide to get something else, we can just un-snap it and take it someplace else.

And the engineered portion is made out of some sort of cedar so it smells WONDERFUL!!

And as far as the clutter goes - since we are dismantling three rooms and packing them up, we have decided to go through everything and get rid of some things.

So... does anyone need a couch (we've got two to go), Christmas tree ornaments (we have never put up a tree, yet every year my family gives me ornaments for Christmas), a Barbie workout album - vinyl (a friend of mine years ago gave it to me because I reminded him of Barbie - right. On second thought, I might try to eBay this one - Barbie and vinyl? That's got to be worth something), National Geographics (we have about 500 lbs of them and we were really intending to read them, REALLY!), or a typewriter (we have two. Maybe you are tired of the ease of use of the computer word processing programs that pratically write things for you?).

We are committing to giving away the things that we do not need but are still good and throwing away the things that are of no use to anyone. Why do we keep these things? Geesh!

Anyway, wish us luck! and I will try to post progress pictures so that our shame and redemption can be shared with the world.


Shannon said...

I demand pictures!!

I think I had a barbie workout album as a kid come to think of it.

DrMax said...

Hey, that is so weird Syl. The wife and I are doing the same thing. Not the floor (which sounds great by the way) but the de-debrising of the house. We didn't want to end up like those poor souls who authorities find with decades worth of garbage stacked to the ceiling.

OldRoses said...

Wow, new floors. No clutter. No dust. Way too fancy for me. I may have to find somewhere else to hang out! Congrats on the new look for your house. May you live long and prosper.

"AG" said...

Who bought the Barbie workout album originally? :)

Your new floors sound wonderful. I love hardwoods and the scent of cedar.

SierraBella said...

We're in a cleaning mode as well!
Been filling up a dumpster (debris box) all day today since the former owner left us 2 woodstoves and a huge garage door when they moved.
Why it's taken us so long is an unanswerable question...

Heather said...

My parents just had an estimate done so they can get wood floors. The guy told them they would have very limited access to the kitchen area for three days!! Lucky for them I live right down the way and they can use my kitchen!

Sylvana said...

Shannon, we have been taking pictures and as soon as a I get a chance to go through them I will be posting a few.

DrMax, we have a friend that works for the city and he told us stories about a few houses around town like that. He said that the most surprising thing about them was that many of them were in the nicer suburbs.

OldRoses, nanu-nanu.

AG, for as long as I have held on to that album, I have never even listened to it!

Sierrabella, we have enough of our own debris, I can't imagine what our house would look like if the previous owners have left a bunch of stuff too!

Heather, we grilled three family packs of wings on Friday and ordered out for pizza yesterday. we live for excuses to order out for pizza!

Wendy A said...

Wow I feel for you. We are renovating also. What a hassel! It will all be worth it in the end.

Sylvana said...

Wendy A, that's what I keep telling myself.