My Kingdom for a Segue!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | 0 Comments

You know, it is really hard to find a good transition from suicide back to regular life. So I will do one of the things I do best - just switch gears and jump in head first. You all will just have to pretend that there was some semblance of a smooth transition if you are in need of such a thing for the sake of civility.

I have not just been a Moping Molly the last few weeks. I have actually been quite busy; as those of you who visit my garden blog know. Gardening is one of my favorite art forms and art makes me feel good.


In the last couple of weeks I have gotten things done that I have been intending to do for years now. Two major projects that I did: finishing the other half of our patio (I put in the first half about three years ago) AND (something that I felt could never leave my wishlist) paving the garden pathways. Well, the second thing isn't done, but that's just a formality. The reason that I thought that it could never be was because the materials would be too expensive and I wouldn't be able to find something befitting my garden and taste.

Ha! Not only did I get something I absolutely love so much I should marry it, but it was FREE!! OK - moneywise it was free. I did have to tear down a chimney brick by brick to get them, but surprisingly enough, it turned out to be very therapeutic and dare I say, fun?
Wielding a sledgehammer on the side of a building has that affect when you have a lot of pent up aggression to release.

And the luck keeps flowing - I got a call out of the blue from a place that I had applied to before I took the job at the pharmacy. The answer that I had gotten on that application was that they liked my resume and enjoyed the interview, but there was a better candidate for the position. Right, I thought. That's what they all say so they don't feel mean. But they were actually telling the truth! The HR person that called me said that although they had decided to go with the other candidate last time, I was her favorite interviewee and she had kept my application in case another job became available. I have a department-specific interview on Wednesday. It would be full-time and would pay more than I make now; plus BENEFITS!! Health insurance, life insurance, dental plan, prescription plan, partially matching 401K, 10 days vacation and 10 sick days IMMEDIATELY. And they will even pay 50% of any massages that I get! Oh, they are hitting my weak spot!

It is very tempting, but I'm not sure if I will take it. I like my job now. I feel like I really make a difference and the appreciation is never-ending. Plus, I have an interview for the library position next week, and we have just become friends with my boss's son and his wife - I think it might be more than a bit awkward if I were to leave his mom high and dry. Besides, doing things like that leave me feeling so awful that I can barely live with myself. And that, children, is why ethical, caring people rarely get rich.

We have been getting more visitors in the last few weeks than we have had in the last year, it seems. And they all seem to show up around the same time. It's weird. I feel like I should be tapping a keg and handing out red cups.

MY PARENTS EVEN VISITED!! Of course it wasn't very long and my dad did tell my neighbor that she should bring her crappy fireworks back to the Indian she bought them from (luckily I already warned her about him and how he was) AND he did harass the owner of the Mexican restaurant about fried potatoes (French fries) not being Mexican AND segueing THAT into a tirade about the French and something about Caucasians - seriously I wanted to smack him and drag him out of there by his ear like the very bad little boy that he was - but it was still a pretty good visit. Did I mention that it wasn't very long?

So although I may have not been around lately, it's not because I'm not doing anything worth posting about - it is just for the lack of a segue.

Segue away, I say!

Would I be me if I were not at least a little bit awkward? So I will leave you with two words to think about:

Mocha Moolatte.


DrMax said...

Nice path Syl, good work. Looks like an English garden in Devon.

Now, where are those red cups again?

sideshow bob said...

Are you aware that so far this past week you've squandered our kingdom for a horse, a pair of shorts, and now a segue? You could at least bargain for some Moolattes while you're at it!

Shannon said...

THat brick pathway and the origin of the bricks is, in a word, awesome.

I'm happy you're back in the blogosphere!

Derek Knight said...

I'll bet Mexicans eat potatoes. SOME Mexicans anyway...I mean, it's not like the Anglicized taco is at all mexican...

But seriously, those fireworks WERE crappy and the Indian knew it when he sold them.

OldRoses said...

I've been hanging out at your garden blog so I didn't realize you were MIA. Welcome back! But I'm still incredibly envious of the patio and walkway.

SierraBella said...

I'm with oldroses! Been hanging around on your garden blog too.
I am soooooo envious! Nice job!!!

sands of time said...

Wow a lot has happened.It good you had your garden to take your mind off things