Is There A Problem?

Friday, July 14, 2006 | 0 Comments

I went in for the interview for the job. I figured that I wasn't even sure if I wanted the job, so I would just completely be myself. Which, as you all know, is kind of weird and goofy.

Well, weird and goofy was right up their alley, because they REALLY want to hire me! In fact, the HR person said that the two people who interviewed me were REALLY EXCITED about me and were very much hoping that I would take the position. I told her that I was very interested, but needed the weekend to think it over.

WOW! What am I going to do? I have talked to a bunch of my friends and have come to the conclusion that I should take the job. I won't be making much more money, but THE BENEFITS! I mean COME ON!! I could have a massage every month and not feel guilty. And as Punky put it, "That's what you went to school for all those years- to get a good job with benefits." Another friend, Ned, said, "Everyone is replaceable, so don't feel too guilty about leaving your other job." My sister said, "What do you NEED? Answer that, and you will know what to do."

All of those things make sense. But SSB and I know that this job isn't like other jobs - I didn't so much get hired at the pharmacy as I joined a family. And I LOVED that! But I think that this new job might be sort of like that too - after all, they did appreciate my weird, goofy self.

And I think that I can come up with a win-win situation. The only part of my job at the pharmacy right now that is time sensitive is making calls to the insurance companies since they run during business hours. I get an hour for lunch which should be enough time to make 1-2 calls. Everything else I could do after I get done with my full-time job. And with SSB being in school, we kind of need the extra income anyway. He worked a full time job with overtime and then worked a part time job on top of that while I was going to school! Plus, it isn't like I hadn't worked for years at a place where I regularly worked 60 hour weeks (and that place was hot, dirty, hard work, and the coworkers S.U.C.K.E.D! - not you though, honey, of course).

Well, I will present my plan to my current bosses on Monday and see how it goes. I'm nervous. They have been at each others' throats lately over the remodeling we are doing in the store and I don't want that directed at me. If I'm missing from my blog for awhile, ask SSB where to send the flowers.


Elizabeth said...

CONGRATULATIONS! It must be great to feel so wanted. Plan sounds great.

Sometimes, when I can't make a decision, I flip a coin. If I'm happy with what the coin says, I know that's the right decision. If I have the urge to flip it again, I know that's not what I really want. If they force you to choose... there's always that. :-)

Laurie said...

I've left two jobs in my life where it was like leaving family and it was a better move each time than I even expected. New experiences are what makes life a great adventure. Plus, now with e-mail and blogs and such things, it's much easier to keep in touch. I have two friends that I worked with 20 years ago who I still meet for dinner once a month.

DrMax said...

It's nice to be in demand. I say ask for double the salary and a yaught...and some Hostess Twinkies. Just a starting point of course, you can always negotiate. But if they try to substitue Little Debbie Snack Cakes for the Twinkies, I'd walk.

OldRoses said...

Congrats Sylvana! It's so nice of you to offer to continue your responsibilities at your old job while working a new job. Sounds like you're going to need that massage to destress every month!

Sylvana said...

Elizabeth, it really is great to feel so wanted!
I do the coin flip too, but instead of a coin, I ask someone what they think I should do or I just make a decision. Then I determine how comfortable I am with what they are saying or the decision that I have made to figure out what it is I REALLY should do.

Laurie, "New experiences are what make life a great adventure" - I was saying almost that exact thing to the word the other day when I was working out what I would do! I really do believe that. Life is about experiences, and I'd like to have as many as possible!

DrMax, if my current employers could afford to give me full-time plus benefits, I know that they would. They do all that they can right now to make me happy, which is NICE! Think about it: your boss comes into your office with some papers, apologizing profusely that they have this work to give you and ask if you need anything to make you more comfortable and happy. It's a beautiful thing.

OldRoses, I am really looking forward to 1/2 price massages. I already go in for a massage every couple of months to loosen up my back muscles (they get so tight that I start to be in chronic pain and even get migraines). I figure once a month will be even better! Plus massages are just so enjoyable!