I get as giddy as a Japanese school girl when I have packages delivered to my house. Today I got two. Earlier this week I ordered some organizational items for work from Stacks and Stacks.com

We needed something that would be adjustable and look real nice since it would be at the front counter. Beautiful, huh? We are actually using this on end to hold sales catalogs.

It came today and I was able to run it down to work to see how it looks and works in context (because I'm obsessive like that). It's awesome! Blue has been trying forever to get the front end manager to clean up and organize her area. She was happy to see that finally in action.

But what I was really excited about getting today was something that I had ordered from BowlersParadise.com. I have been tracking the package all week. We holed ourselves in the house all day today just to make sure that we wouldn't miss the delivery. And it finally came!!

Isn't it great?! JD was having trouble finding a low weight ball at the lane that fit his ginormous hands, so we ordered one for him. His favorite colors are fire colors, so when I showed him this ball his eyes lit up. We were a little nervous about the drilling since he wouldn't be able to fit it first. But it all worked out perfectly! We are planning to go to the lanes tonight to break it in. It's a glo-ball so we will see it in all it's glory under the black lights they use for night bowling. We will also be using it as a back-up for league. There have been a few times that SSB and I were up at the same time - which doesn't work that well when we share one ball.


ag said...

Breaking in balls! What fun! It's a beauty!

Sylvana said...

AG, it is a really good ball too! It is well balanced and goes straight (our bowling style). We all enjoyed bowling with it. It also looks awesome under the black lights!
I was nervous about ordering a ball over the internet, but Tuesday I had an overwhelming feeling of confidence about it, so I just ordered it. Another successful use of The Force!

hellbunny said...

Lovely bowling ball.I love getting things in the mail.Im waiting for some cds and dvds.

Kari said...

Hey...that mini shelf thing is cute, it's sorta retro but not tacky. I like not tacky.

Sylvana said...

HellBunny, I don't know why getting things in the mail is more exciting than just going to the store and buying it. Maybe because it comes kind of wrapped, like a present.

Kari, I like not tacky too. And a couple of the people that I work with tend to be tacky, so I'm glad I got to pick this out.

Steven Novak said...

I haven't been bowling in years and I've NEEVR had my own specially made ball!

I'm not sure if I'm jealous though. ;)


Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Next time, order the clear bowling ball with a skull in it.

That will generate some talk at the league. And it rocks.

Sylvana said...

Steven, you are! ADMIT IT! ;)

Shamus, That would be awesome. I always wonder how they balance those Vis-A-Balls.

Lyvvie said...

I love the shelving. If you tip it on it's side it would be great for LPs.

Will you take pictures of the glowing ball, because that would be neat!

Sylvana said...

Lyvvie, I will try next time we do Thunder Alley Bowling; but I have to tell you - my camera sucks!