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Sunday, March 25, 2007 | 0 Comments

There seem to be so many bloggers that I visit that are suddenly giving up blogging and shutting down their blogs. They cite nothing to say, or wanting spend more time doing other things in their lives.
Well, don't you worry - I will be here (even if only sporadically during busy times in my life) droning on and on about something (even if it is actually nothing) to give you a diversion from work.

OK, I haven't been doing much posting on this blog. I have been doing most of my posting on my garden blog. Check it out if you like to cook because I have been posting recipes (you can find links to all the recipes that I have posted in my sidebar in the Sylvana Recipes drop-down menu).

One recipe I am particularly proud of is one I just made up today - one for digestive biscuits, a whole wheat cookie. I first had these while in Scotland a couple years ago. They are very popular in Scotland, England, and Ireland. The most popular brand, McVitie's, is an Irish company. The recipe that I worked out today, after 6-1/2 hours of trial and error, I think come pretty close to McVitie's. If you know what these are GO THERE NOW!! If you don't know what these are, you might just want to give them a try anyway. Don't let the ingredient list scare you off.

After I finished tweaking and baking all the batches that I had made up, we went to our friend's (Ally) house warming party. We got to meet this little old lady (Ida) who was da bomb! I seriously want to adopt her. She told us a story about Ally's roommate's parrot and the vet. "The vet did something that the parrot didn't like and the parrot screamed, 'Fuck off!'" My friend corrects her by saying that the parrot actually said, "You Fucker!" To which she replied, "Are you sure? I really thought he said fuck off."
Then she was telling us how she met Ally: "She was a caregiver to my husband when he was in the nursing home. He passed away two years ago." I told her that I was sorry to hear that. She said, "Oh no. It was for the best. He was in a nursing home for ten years. Ten years everyday I visited him at the nursing home. Ten years. Every day. Can you imagine? It's so nice to not have to go there anymore."
SSB and I were going to go get Moolattes (we had a coupon for bogo at that town's DQ and we don't get to that town very often). Ida asked what a Moolatte was. I explained it. Her face lit up. "Mmm, that sounds good." When I got back I gave her some of mine. She loved it.

She was exactly how I hope to still be at that age. Sassy, direct, and still full of wonder for life and the world.


Kari said...

That's how I want to be too!! Sassy and with a twinkle in my eye while I cut off the young teens in my big boat of a car and then flip them the bird for no reason.

HAHa! I can't wait!

ag said...

It's so easy to push DQ on others and get them hooked! I wish they had a referral system.

I'm out of steam for my blog...I'm glad you're still going!

Sylvana said...

Kari, I like you. Let's be old ladies together.

AG, I think we really should get commission.

Oh, and it's not just you - there are a lot of blogs being abandoned. It's kind of eerie, really.