Strange Dream

Sunday, December 31, 2006 | 0 Comments

Last night I dreamed that I was invited to be part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. The end of the show consisted of a skit that was reminicent of the 80s comedy showdowns in which at some point in the movie the goofy, mismatched group of characters are forced to go head to head with some dream team in a winner-take-all series of games.

The first game that I remember was a kind of talent show in which the audience got to pick the winners. It was down to Tina Fey, who was playing some old-lady character, and the character "Carol". I was truly appalled to watch "Carol" win (although I knew that the "Carol" skits always made me laugh).

As I was consoling Tina on her loss, the last game, a three legged race mostly consisting of people/characters that I didn't recognized, started. But there was one that I did - Ron Howard. He looked about 14. Tina Fey whispers to me, "How do you think he stays looking so young?" (She was still in her old-lady costume which made me snicker).

As the show was wrapping up I called my sister. We were supposed to go to a party one of my friends was having that night after the show. She had the directions and was the only ride I could get to the party. I hadn't seen the friend in a while and a lot of my other friends were going to be there. She said that she was coming to pick me up in about 15 minutes.

15 minutes later my son came walking into the studio. My sister had been watching him for me, so I grabbed my coat and said good-bye to the cast. She didn't come in with JD so I asked him where she was. "Oh, she left. She just dropped me off and left."

"Did she say she was coming back?"


At this point I could hear my brother Bo snickering. I had been allowed to bring one person to the studio for the Saturday night show and I had chosen him. I was going to ask him what was so funny, then I realized that he knew that my sister had had no intention of taking me to the party. I started beating him down with a rutabaga, swinging it by the green tops and wholloping him with the hard root. "You knew! You knew! I was allowed to bring one person, ONE PERSON! You are such an asshole!!" I yelled about how pissed I was, and how I was never going to forgive her or him for this.

And even as I said it, I realized that in a way I would because I forget things pretty easily. But NO! THIS I WOULD NOT FORGET AND I WOULD NOT FORGIVE!!! I promised myself. I was determined to remember and get my revenge on her!!

Then I woke up. At first I was really pissed off because I didn't get my chance to get back at her, then I laughed.


SierraBella said...

A Rutabaga?
That has some kind of deep meaning I just can't put my finger on!
Have a wonderful New Year!!!

Sylvana said...

Sierrabella, I'm pretty sure that the rutabaga came in to play just because it was funny. My mind has a way of finding a way to make fun of pretty much any situation.

OldRoses said...

Syl, that's some heavy emotional stuff you were sorting through. Glad you got it all worked out and can start off 2007 with a clean (emotional) slate.

Anonymous said...


Wendy A said...

I think you might need a shrink to analyse that. Dreams can be so strange.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- I stopped commenting for a while 'cause I switched to googlebeta something or other, and it was/is causing me a headache.

Anyway- every time I see Tina Fey on TV or hear an interview w/ her, I think of how cool it is that you had a dream about her. Why can't I meet Tina Fey in my dreams too?

Sylvana said...

OldRoses, aw, my new year started out like crap! But, thankfully, it now seems to be moving away from crapiness.

Salihah, thanks! My unconscious can be very clever.

Wendy, I generally don't put much meaning into my dreams; although, there have been a few times that I actually dreamed the future! Who knows. Maybe some day I will be beating my brother with a rutabaga and thing to myself, "OMG! I DREAMED THIS!"

Shannon, my mind has very few secrets from me. I knew what this dream was about. Most of it came from reading your post on TV shows! Tina Fey is from 30 Rock and she used to be on SNL which is how I included that. Ron Howard made Arrested Development, and whenever I hear his name I ALWAYS picture Opie.

Anonymous said...

hello yummy :-) remember me...

I am back :-)


Elizabeth said...

I hate it when dream-emotions run into real life. They make the whole day seem less real. Funny dream, though.

Sylvana said...

Van!, hey, good to see you again! Aw, I bet you call all the girls "yummy";)

Elizabeth, SSB and I both have woke up pissed at each other because of things that have happened in dreams. Luckily, it doesn't last long!