Tenants. That's what that quote from the 01/05/07 This American Life episode "The Super" is referring to. And I not only believe it, I KNOW IT!!

My newest renter is running me ragged and driving me NUTS! I'm about to run away and hide from her for a couple of weeks. She keeps coming up with new ideas on how to get money from us. SSB says, "Doesn't she know that she's supposed to pay us?"

Good news is that we now have all three places rented. HU-FRICKIN-RAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love that show, "This American Life". Missed that episode, maybe I can find it in their archives.

sideshow bob said...

Seriously, we could've had a story or two on that show!

Anonymous said...

I caught that show...I must agree w/ Shamus- I love that show too.

Landlords must deal with the worst side of everybody.

Sylvana said...

Shamus, click the link in my post, then click "2007" on the left and "The Super" is the first show on the page. This quote came from the last act on the show.

SSB, I was going to post about our initiation into landlording, but that's a LONG story! Maybe some day when I have more time.

Shannon, I know that it is really popular to criminalize landlords, but I think that most start out nice and helpful and just get grisled by all the crap the renters throw at them.

OldRoses said...

My ex wanted to buy a rental property. I refused because he wouldn't spend any money to keep our house in good repair. Can you imagine the results of him refusing to do repairs for tenants????? We would have been in court every other week!

Sylvana said...

OldRoses, I've never been taken to court by any of my renters, but I sure have taken more than a few of them to court! They never show up, so I always win. Not that I wouldn't have won anyway.