What? Where Am I?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006 | 0 Comments

I have been so busy lately that my head is spinning! I am hoping that things will die down soon and I can get to some of my more regular activities - like blogging!

I just submitted my application packet for a dream job. It is not a dream job because of prestige or money. It is because I love the environment and the people. I feel that I have a good chance of getting the job, but I'm not going to hold my breath. There is another candidate that is just as qualified for the job, and I know that if the hiring committee feels that we are both equally qualified for the job, she will get the job. But that is OK because she is a great person and would deserve the job just as much. It's perfectly OK to lose to a worthy opponent.

I have also completed the repairs on one of my rental properties ordered by the city building inspector. He wanted bathroom fans put in both of the half baths. HALF BATHS. As in NO SHOWER OR TUB. A couple of construction guys I knew agreed that this was above and beyond the code, but are you really going to argue with a building inspector? I wasn't about to since the house is over 80 years old and bathroom fans at that point sounded pretty cheap.

SSB and I had never installed bathroom fans before, so it was a learning experience. We had to run ducting and wiring through the walls, drill holes in the side of the house, and patch drywall as well completely drywall a ceiling that had previously been a drop ceiling. I'm pretty good with the mud and the new ceiling looks spectacular! Far better than that mangy ceiling tile! All of these things turned out to be way easier than we had imagined. In fact, we had put off the work for some time because we thought that it was going to be a bitch. The only thing that held us back was not having the right tools at any given time, breaking the bolt on a toilet (Oops! Teehee! Don't use a toilet as a step stool.) and waiting for the mud to dry. And now we have a few more skills to add to our repertoire: wiring and ducting. Oh, and by doing it ourselves we saved at least $500! WooHoo!!


sands of time said...

Good luck with getting your dream job


Lyvvie said...

Always love a broken toilet adventure! We had a half bath in our old flat, but I mean it was a tiny bathtub - it was adorable! you could sit in it cross-legged and it had a shower and everything.

Good luck on the job prospects!!!

"AG" said...

Oh cool, you're a landlord! Awesome!

Sylvana said...

Pink Lady, thanks! I need all the good energy I can get!

Lyvvie, I don't think bathrooms really need to be that big. One bathroom we had you could wash your hands while sitting on the toilet.

AG, is that sarcasm? ;)

Lindsay Lobe said...

One well thought out gig-well done !!
Trust the force is with you on the job prospects!!!

"AG" said...

No sarcasm! I've thought about doing it one day.

OldRoses said...

Come on over to my house. I have tons of stuff that needs repairing and you two sound like you can handle anything!

Sylvana said...

Lindsay Lobe, thanks. I almost forgot that I have the force on my side.

AG, it is really difficult for the first few years, but then it gets much easier.

OldRoses, I don't like to hire out work because they charge way too much for their shoddy work. So I just teach myself how to do it.

Wendy A said...

Pretty rare that house renos are easier then expected. You lucky girl.

DrMax said...

I'm with you Syl, why pay professionals to do shoddy work when I can do it just as shoddily myself.

Derek Knight said...

it's never "OK" to lose, worthy opponent or not. CRUSH HER AND TAKE THAT DREAM JOB OF YOURS!