OK. So my boss did not take the news well. She tried to play it off like it was no big deal and she never needed me anyway, so what if I leave. One of my coworkers said she was acting like a person who just got dumped and is now trying to make it like they were really the one who ended the relationship. She kept snapping at me every time I turned around. So I snapped back, as usual. I hate it and am just about ready to call it quits right now.

So, I quit going to work for a couple of days. I had quite a bit of vacation built up and thought I should probably finally take some of it!

When I came back, her whole attitude seems to have changed. She is much more respectful of me and is actually coming to talk to me, not bitch at me. Maybe she just needed a couple of days to realize that she could deal with this a little better - after all, it was that attitude which led me to find another job in the first place! And she really doesn't want to know why I'm leaving. I tried to tell her, but I think she knows my opinion of her as a boss is not a good one. I tried to warn her that I wasn't the first, and won't be the last, but she wants to live in denial.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Yet another reason that I'm leaving.

Oh, and for all of you with bad bosses - you need to see BAD BOSSES. My boss - 27 out of 28!


argumentics said...

My google alert was mislead by the title of this blog. I was prepared for propositional and syllogistic logic. Like what I found, though ... :)

Michael Manning said...

Stopped in to catch up a bit. Workplaces can be quite extraordinary! Have a good weekend! :)

Sy said...

Argumentics, welcome to my blog! My blogging will be sporadic for a little while, but I hope to remedy that soon!

Michael, thanks for stopping by. It's been quite eventful in my life lately. Ironic thing is when you actually have things going on in your life, it leaves you no time to blog about it!