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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | 4 Comments

What else do you need to know?


Lyvvie said...

What console do you play it on?

Sy said...

Lyvvie, Wii. Wii rocks. The only thing that I have found about this game that I don't like is that it is too blasted dark - as in not enough light to see what the hell you are doing sometimes!! I get it, it's dark, but aren't ninjas supposed to be able to see in the dark?? I had to adjust the picture settings on my TV just to play this game. Otherwise it is a A+ game. AND you get to be a couple kick-ass girls!! The one with the flute giggles, plays the flute to confuse and subdue, and is fast as lightning in a fight!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

This game looks SOOOO cute, but is it wrong to want to own a game that you never plan to play, only to watch someone else play so that you can marvel at the cuteness of the little people you're seeing on the screen?

Sy said...

Mrs. Loquacious, nope! I used to sit for hours watching my brother play video games. My son, and even his friend (both 17 year old boys), watched me play most of this game too. The story is very good and the landscape is exceptional.
Now you will just have to find someone to play it for you :)