It's Official. I Am AWESOME!

Thursday, February 11, 2010 | 5 Comments

Part of my parting duties at the job that I am leaving is to notify companies that we work with that there will be organizational changes. Today I contacted the company that we hired to advise us on Medicare accreditation matters to let our representative (who also happens to own the company - he made us his special project :) know of the changes and ask if he felt certain title changes would cause conflicts of interest that might put us in jeopardy. He said that my solutions to the problems were fine -- and since I wasn't going to be working there anymore, would I like to come work with him?

Yeah, another job offer! It's making it hard for me to believe that the economy is in such dire straights.

He said that he was always impressed with my skills in the field and would very much like to bring me on board. He had in the past actually alluded to the possibility of my running a Midwest branch of his company to save him from having to run up here so much (from Florida). But at the time I wasn't sure if he was serious, or just trying to compliment me on the job that I was doing to get our pharmacy accredited.

This information leaves me both giddy with the knowledge that I truly am great at what I do; and it makes me angry that my boss made it impossible for me to stay at a job that I love doing.


deletedprofile said...

Nothing like validation from an employer. Congrats.

Lyvvie said...

I like when things like that happen! You should see what he's got to offer.

your boss has some comeuppance coming.

Sy said...

deletedprofile, I love it when people notice :)

Lyvvie, I intend to take a look. I loved doing that work, and I am very good at it - besides, my husband will be wanting out of the pharmacy as well, and he was my right hand in these duties. Maybe I could convince the company to take him instead, with the understanding that I would be overseeing his work unofficially.

And as for the boss that I am leaving, she didn't know what she had, did she? She'll figure it out some day, but it won't change her.

D. Cootey said...

Way to go! Your self-confidence has always impressed me. I am years away from posting a blog title of “It’s Official. I am AWESOME!”, but I’m working up to it. I’m thinking tomorrow’s blog might be titled, “IMO I’m Sorta OK, But Don’t Take My Word For It.” I think it will resonate with people.

Congratulations, BTW, on being recognized for your skills. That is an amazing accomplishment. You *should* feel proud. ;)


Sy said...

Douglas, thank you for recognizing it for what it is - some people like to call it arrogance ;)

Believe me, I worked very hard for years to have more confidence in me. One easy trick that I found really useful was giving myself rewards for even little jobs well done. They could be edible treats or just little notes to myself telling me I did a great job -- sometimes it was as simple as putting a smiley face on something I did. And, since you want that treat, it even makes it easier to see the ways that you did things right, rather than concentrating on the ways you may have done it wrong:) It's kind of the Stuart Smalley method; don't wait for outside affirmation - make a habit of giving it to yourself.

Coming from a long line of cocky bastards doesn't hurt either!