When Can I Start Not Working

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | 0 Comments

I talked to HR at my soon-to-be new job today. She went over the basics such as hours I will be working, the time my shift starts and ends, my probationary period, wages...

Then she told me about my sick time - 5 hours every two weeks, personal holidays - 36hrs this first year, vacation - I can't even remember how much of that I get, and the mandated furloughs - I need to take 8 days in the next two years.

Then she asked when I would like to start.
Can I start not working now?!

But seriously, I can not figure out when I should start. I would love to start next week, but I also want to give two weeks notice. BUT, my boss is very unpredictable and reactive, so I'm afraid that there is a possibility that she might just fire me out of panic. I have thought that I could start now because I would still be able to make myself available for training for awhile -- but then I'm afraid that my new job might have a problem with moonlighting, even though I'm doing it right now for them. AND my boss is planning a vacation in a couple of weeks where she is supposed to go for a whole week. Right. She did the same thing last year though - started out as a 2 week vacation, then slowly whittled down to three days. And she wouldn't have even gone for those if I hadn't cornered her and forced her to go.

SO what I did is call HR at the soon-to-be new job and asked if it would be OK if I started right away at their job, but continued working at my old job for awhile just to get everything settled - since I'm not even sure how much more training I would have to do. She said that shouldn't be a problem, but that she'd need to contact my soon-to-be new boss to see if that would be a problem with her (I can't really see that being a problem - I've already talked to her about it, and I've worked both positions for their benefit many times in the past).

I'll find out this afternoon, and then I can talk to my boss.

Wish me luck!