Peep Protest

Thursday, April 13, 2006 | 0 Comments

Peeps gather to protest the continuing education cuts. Police Peeps arrive to control the increasingly agitated crowd, but many of the woefully under-armed police begin to contemplate joining the crowd to protest their own budget cuts.


Lindsay Lobe said...

I hope your looking after theses Peeps,who have some real social issues on those placards !!,and more mature police are neded.


What will you do with your new Peeps start?
Create a few more with your warm heart?
Will these Peeps do,just give out advice?
About education and to how live the good life?

What will you do when Peeps are not feeling well?
You could post pretty pictures and moan bloody hell
What will you do for your Peeps coaching school?
Post a new post and try and stay cool?

What will you do if the Peeps have no thoughts?
Call on the force to be their new voice?
What will you do if their sick when you start?
Call on 1000 Peeps to rev up their hearts

Best wishes

Great Peeps

Wendy A said...

Too Funny I think they are adorable.

Heather said...

That is too cute! I'll never look at a Peep the same way again!

Derek Knight said...




DrMax said...

What really burns me though is when they only fly the Peeps flag at their protests!

Shannon said...

This is simply fabulous.How did you get the helmets for the police peeps? did you take the heads off of the purple ones?

Rachael Byrnes said...

I was so confused. I had never heard of a peep before so I looked it up on the web and discovered that they are American Snadpipers!! These peeps you have pictures of seem to be a more "nylon" variety. Very rare indeed.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Sylvana,

You will be pleased to know that your peeps now have "mates" on my site. These mates formed a cooperative under the Australian workplace enterprise agreement and send their very best wishes to your peeps. They hope to promote a better understanding between the respective countries without the need to beat around the BUSH. I expect a good will visit from you to say hello to these supporters and any of your fellow bloggers who care to visit will receive an Aussie welcome! Oi Oi Oi

"AG" said...

RIP peeps. Today is Easter.

OldRoses said...

Even the New York Times is obssessed with Peeps!

cookie christine said...

power to the peeps!

The Doc said...

I love Peeps jokes. I don't think we have them up here (or if we do, I've never seen them), but they seem like excellent sugar-delivery systems.

pastamasta said...

Had never heard of Peeps, nor indeed of snadpipers (which seem to be a dyslexic kind of avian fauna, rather than marshmallow-based lifeforms) until now. I love those little guys. I hope their quest for social justice is successful.

Otto Man said...

Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers?

Shannon said...

Because of your posts, I had to run to the store on Easter and buy three boxes of peeps. I realized I was afraid I wouldn't get any this year.

They were the police variety.

Sylvana said...

Lindsay, thanks for the shout out on your blog. Peeps are colorful, sugar-coated, bird-shaped marshmallows. They do have some other animal shapes, but the birds are the real deal.

Wendy A, and mouthy!

Heather, I haven't been able to look at Peeps without laughing for years.

Derek, um... thanks.

DrMax, Peep Pride.

Shannon, I made the hats from construction paper and used sewing pins to attach them to the Peeps.

Rachael, welcome to my blog! Peeps are a part of American pop culture.

AG, yummy, nummy Peeps!

OldRoses, thanks for that article. I wasn't aware that so many wouldn't know what Peeps were and I think that knowing what they are is important to the humor.

Cookie Christine, oh yeah!

The Doc, I hadn't thought to explain what Peeps were, so i was really glad that OldRoses added that article. They are good in moderation. I have thought of adding them to hot chocolate. That might be an interesting scene - watching them melt away.

Pastamasta, get a marshmallow, lick it and roll it in granulated sugar. That's pretty much what a Peep is.

Otto Man, I was fairly surprised as to how many different colors they have. The red ones were my most prized find.

Elizabeth said...

I am with Otto Man, I had no IDEA they had so many colors of peeps. When I was little, it was yellow or nothing. I never liked eating them, though- too sweet. Anyway- that is a brilliant, uh, scene? I'M VEWY ANGWY! I think that will be my next protest poster, for real.

Lyvvie said...

I miss peeps.

Very Calvin and Hobbs.

I'm nicking this picture for my desktop...

I'm also going to share this with my diet pals on the other you may get a few more hits for that stat counter - Congrats on the 12K!! what a smart way to avoid eating excess Easter candy. Clever Woman, I salute you!