More Fun With Plumbing

Sunday, April 30, 2006 | 0 Comments

Today I finished up the soft water campaign. First I replaced the hot water cartridge in the kitchen sink. It had been destroyed by our hard water and the company was good enough to send us a new one for FREE! How often does that happen?

Our sink had been dripping since about Thanksgiving and we got the cartridge around the end of February, but I didn't want to change it out until we had fixed the hard water problem.

The damn cartridge would not come out of the assembly! I cranked on it. SSB cranked on it. We soaked it in WD-40 then cranked on it some more. I had to take the whole assembly off the sink and unhook all the water lines just to get enough leverage on it. We tried four different kinds of wrenches on it. Finally, after about 30 minutes I got it off. SSB says, "Damn! I should have taken over for you about three seconds ago!"

After I got the whole thing reassembled I cleaned all the deposits off all our fixtures. Ah! It is so nice to see them so sparkling clean! That water softener will be so worth it!

And now I would like to introduce you to what kept me going all weekend:



Shannon said...

Homemade mochas!!!

DrMax said...

There's always one friggin' thing you can't unscrew in any DIY project. Hope no damage was done to nails or knuckles.

sideshow bob said...

I loosened it up for you!

Sylvana said...

Shannon, mmmmm... MOCHAS!!

DrMax, that is very true. We usually soak it in WD-40, whack it into a few things, try heating it up, swearing at it... but the easiest way to get something unscrewed is to tell someone else that it just won't budge.

SSB, right.

"AG" said...


Wendy A said...

Herseys chocolate!! I love the stuff. We don't get it in Tasmania or rarely in Canada. The Mochas look Fab!

Sylvana said...

AG, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! People can usually tell when I have been drinking mochas.

Wendy A, everyone always raves about European chocolate, but when I was overseas and had some Euro chocolate I kept thinking to myself that Hersheys kicked their ass. Hersheys has a nice layering of flavors that Euro chocolate just doesn't have.
Mmmmmmm! CHOCOLATE!!!

Derek Knight said...

well, I can at least learn from your misfortune. If I get a water softener, I'll hire someone to install it. I'm having enough trouble rebuilding my sprinkler system valve assembly right now...

sands of time said...

Those would definately keep you going.they sound lovely.

The Doc said...

That sounds like quite a lot of work, so I'm glad you had delicious chocolate and coffee to keep you going. Your D.I.Y. attitude is an inspiration to me, a man who didn't even know how to replace a fuse in his stove until a few days ago.

Shannon said...

The blogosphere misses you. Come back!

Sylvana said...

Derek, ah! Home improvement! I still have to finish roofing the garage/shed, painting the house trim, ripping down wallpaper and painting, replastering my stairwell, building shelves in the kitchen...
I don't think that it ever ends.

PinkLady, mmmmmmm....MOCHAS! I really fell in love with them while I was over in Scotland.

The Doc, it is never too late to learn how to D.I.Y!

Shannon, I feel so guilty! I hadn't even realized how long I've been away!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Sylvana

What a splendid effort, your home and that Scottish brews fit for a Queen.

That reminds me her majesty is similarly talented, as when the plumbing went astray in the Palace; she remarked …“If that’s a toilet I will fix it, I am an expert in plumbing”, which she promptly did!!

During the 2nd Worlds War she enlisted as a mechanic, repairing and servicing Land rovers.

Rest assured the Queen, like yourself, is not afraid to get her hands dirty so I guess you must being feel like the Queen of England at the moment.

Apart from the fact you dont also attend 750 functions a year. Oops I forget, shes turned 80 and is cutting back to 450.

best wishes