I went disc golfing on Sunday. As we were driving on the second hole, I heard what sounded like a disc whizzing toward the back of my head. Before I could turn around, I heard it thunk into a tree. The tree was about ten feet directly behind me, and there was a jackass about 100 feet back grinning sheepishly and waving from our hole's tee.

What the hell! We are on this hole!

We finished the hole as quickly as we could and decided to let him play through. When he finished and approached, I almost gave him a very loud, angry piece of my mind.

But I withheld since I was with a friend and didn't want to embarrass him. He later said that he would have been OK with it. He would have just wandered off and acted like he wasn't with me.

Fair enough. But I was glad that I didn't say anything. Jackass's first throw on the next tee, the one that we let him play through on, he treed his disc into some pines!

Ha! Suck that Karma, Jackass!!