"What Is Going On Here?!"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 | 0 Comments

Well, we were robbed again. And this time I was there. I was the first to spot him coming in, but alas, no phone within reach so I couldn't call 911 right away. I tried to get my coworker's attention while she still had time to call, but she didn't hear or understand me in time to call.

I didn't find it scary, I was actually kind of pissed. But I managed to contain myself enough to do exactly what you are supposed to do - NOTHING! I've seen enough COPS to know that desperate people do very, very bad, stupid things if they feel cornered or threatened. You have no idea what the person is on, how desperate they are or what kind of weapons they may have brought with them to get the job done. You give them what they want, get them out the door, and lock it so they can't get back in. That's what you are supposed to do...

My boss, on the other hand, gave him what he wanted then followed him out the door. He was apprehended by an older gentleman in the alley. Thank goodness!! I hope that this is the end of that!

We had the store taped off while the police took evidence and we wrote our statements and customers were still trying to get in!! (we had to keep the doors opened for ventilation as flammable fluids had been used this time too.) One lady walked right past the sign I had outside that said that we were temporarily closed, ducked under the crime-scene tape to come in to see if we were open. I asked her how she could not see the tape that was blocking the entrance. She said that she thought it was a joke. Right... I told her, "For future reference, if you see police tape saying DO NOT CROSS, you do not cross it. If you want to see if we are open, you get a phone and call."

Another lady was pissed because she might have to wait a whole half hour to pick up her prescriptions. I said, "These are special circumstances. We can't help that we just got robbed." DUH!! Most places make you wait that long anyway!

What is wrong with people?

A lady came in, about an hour after we re-opened, with way too much make-up on and a cocky stride. I figured that she was either a drug rep or a reporter, neither of which we needed at the moment. She was a reporter wanting an interview. I told her, "We are directing all questions to the police department. They can give you any information that they deem necessary." She said, "Oh, we intend to talk to them, but--" I said, pointing to the door, "Good, you should go do that." She looked surprised, then started to ask me again about interviewing us and getting some pictures/footage. I said, "Look. we are NOT giving interviews. We will NOT allow cameras in the store. You need to go to the police if you want any information. They are right around the corner."(pointing to the door again). She started to argue with me and I just said, "NO. NO. NO. I'm saying NO! Do you understand that word?" She gave me a look of disgust and threatened to film the outside of the building and get interviews from our customers. I said, "OK. You go do that." And I pointed to the door. She swung around, motioned to her lackey, and left in a huff.

I like my job, but right now I am seriously considering looking for other options.


Lyvvie said...

Did she have a Quick Quotes Quill too?? Geez, what a mess. Such a hassle of the job. It shouldn't be that way. And who was this mysterious stranger who tackles robbers in alleys?? What a(dumbfuck) Hero!

Have really enjoyed your "This Old House" series, fantastic!

Heather said...

I can't believe people - walking through the police tape? That's insane! I'm sorry you had to deal with all that!

Leon J. de la Garza said...

Some crazy stuff...
i've never witnessed any kind of crime...
or not least not that i can remember..
i actually dont know where you work or what you do...

I work at an office, no costumers... just the team, programming.

so, not many chances of getting robbed..

anyway.. it's good that everything turned out alright!

Leon J. de la Garza said...

oh and.. yeah..
you'd be surprised how "americanized" Mexico is (at least the big cities).. (about your home depot question)

"AG" said...

YES, I think you should look for another job. Your safety is #1!

People have such an astonishing sense of entitlement, don't they? Robbers, customers & reporters.

Lyvvie- Yay for (dumbfuck) heroes!

Sylvana said...

Lyvvie, you know, I wouldn't doubt that!! She was the type.
I thought the guy that tackled the robber was a (dumbfuck) hero too, but I'm sure he wasn't even thinking. He heard some lady yell, "Get that guy!" and he just reacted.

I am SO glad to hear that someone enjoys the DIY posts! We often joke that we should do our own show. We could do a web-cam show. I can guarantee that it would be FAR different than any that you would see on TV.

Oh, and can we come visit you when you move? :))

Heather, as if it weren't bad enough that we were robbed, then we had to deal with idiots like that. I was exhausted by the end of the day!

Leon, I knew someday I would witness a crime. I was always afraid that I would be completely useless as far as remembering details -- but I actually DID!! I was very proud of myself!

Do a lot of people in Mexico do their own home improvement? When I was in Costa Rica they seemed to be pretty handy around the house.

AG, I was thinking about entitlement. Why does the reporter think that she has some right to the details? Why do those customers feel that they have a right to NEVER having to wait? There was a reason for the behavior of the robber -- he was in crazy addict mood. But those other people were just being inconsiderate. I forgot to mention that a reporter from PioneerPress called to get an interview. I told him the same thing I initially told the lady from the StarTribune. He said, "OK, no problem. I was intending to call them next. I'm really glad to hear that everyone is OK. Have a good day." That's how it should be! I thanked him for his kindness and understanding. It gave me renewed hope for the world.
Up yours StarTribune!!

Lyvvie said...

When I move you can visit anytime, you can visit before we move; Scotland is wonderful. Japan will be wonderful, New Zealand will be wonderful and if I have my way (Which ultimately we women always do) Australia will be the final wonderful in a long list of wonderfuls. Take your pick, or pick them all.

Sylvana said...

Lyvvie, as we should! ;)
And I like all! If only I had the money, I would be there for every move!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Most people = dumb and dumber. :( It is a sad true phenomenon, the result of educated smart folk having less kids and dumb-dumbs like Britney Spears popping 2 before she turned 25. But anyway, I have my own strong biased opinions on all of that stuff.

Can't believe you were robbed...AGAIN!
Can't believe an old fart was courageous/dumb enough to apprehend the bad guy!
Can't believe people think police tape is a joke. :(

And I agree with Ag; our society breeds people with an unhealthy sense of entitlement. Dumb people, no less.

DUMB = word of the day! :P