At the extreme risk of completely outing my identity, I am going to blog about this because, how could I not?!

I will, however, refrain from using any keywords that might trigger hits from search engines, and I ask that any commenters do the same, because I will delete any that I feel will direct too much traffic to this post. Especially NO NAMES.

Sunday afternoon a friend called to tell me that my home town was on the news. We flipped it on to hear about the horrible crime that had taken place there earlier that morning. SSB immediately went online to find out more.

He said that it happened in an older rental property two blocks from the police department. Well, I could only think of two places that matched that description and one of them happened to be right across the street from my parents' house

I called my sister and she confirmed it - it was indeed that house. She said that she didn't know much more than many people were killed and that it had something to do with a love triangle.

I called my parents who said they had been home at the time, but were OK. They said that they woke up to what initially sounded like someone banging on the windows. Dad quickly figured out what it was once he had a few seconds to wake up. He is a Vietnam Vet. After being in a war, you just never forget a sound like that; it's in you, a part of you. He realized that mom wasn't with him and went looking for her.

My mom had already run to the front porch to see what was going on. She said that as soon as her hand hit the porch door, she knew that it was gun fire, but still went out on to the porch. And he was there, getting into his truck, about 20' from where she was standing! Luckily he didn't notice her. She told me I was the second person to scold her for going out on the porch. I told her, "You hear gun fire, you go in the OPPOSITE direction!"

Dad caught up with her just as the guy was peeling out. They stood there together in bewilderment. The remainder of the minutes that passed I will leave alone out of respect for the privacy of the people involved.

What a tragedy! These kids seemed like such nice kids. They were having a pizza/movie party -- no booze apparently. That's just about unheard of in that town, especially with it being seniors+ and homecoming weekend!

They were just kids. And so was he really. I know a lot of people are concentrating on the fact that he was a law enforcement officer, but he didn't do it because he was a cop. It really was about a guy enraged over a broken and insulted heart.

I just can't imagine what he thought might come from it. Did he think he was going to get away with it? The town has less than 2000 people! He had to have known he would be spotted and recognized by just about anyone.

And even if he wasn't thinking, why the instinctual jump to such a violent solution? He wasn't cornered. His life wasn't being threatened. It was only his pride. Their lives to defend his pride? I don't see the balance there, and I don't know how he could have.

And, no, this is not a good case for gun control. The real truth is there are probably more guns in that town than there are people. And there are more bars than churches. And there are lots of people doing stupid things, a lot of people getting dumped and laughed at, and you know what, we don't shoot people!

And this is not a case of young people with guns. A large portion of the kids 14+ own their own guns. We are a hunting community. Having guns is part of the culture. These kids don't shoot other kids.

It's the person that shoots the person. And, no, I'm not with the N R A. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am a strong leaning liberal. And I am a liberal because I am a very rational person. And being a rational person, I know that when you add all these things up, it is clearly not the access to guns or the person's age causing the problems. It is people -- their attitudes and their emotions.

This is obviously an isolated incident or everyone would have heard about this town a long time ago. Something in this particular guy cracked. Period.

My heart goes out to all the families that lost kids that day. A terrible loss on all accounts.


Astoria said...

I heard about it, and like with anything that happens like this it was first shocking, then as you learn of some of the details, it was so sad. I instantly thought of you, and if you knew anyone who may have been touched by the tragic events. I am glad that your family is safe, and for it to be right across the street, how lucky they are that weren't hurt!

Shannon said...

I'm so happy your mom was safe. I, of course, heard about the incident (interestingly enough I was a the CNN center in Atlanta that day and it was everywhere), and wondered if anyone I knew in WI was affected. I'm happy your parent are ok.

"AG" said...

I thought of you because of the location (state) and am glad you are OK.

Michael Manning said...

In Cincinnati, the first 2 months of 2007 we eclipsed 2006 which was the worst homicide record since 1972. I am so looking forward to leaving shortly!

Sylvana said...

Astoria, the bedroom that we stayed in the time you came with us to visit was the one that over-looked that house.

Shannon, not many people know of the town. I always have to tell them the nearest big town. Oddly enough, the whole thing seems to have blown over in the news even though my dad says that there are still reporters all over town.

AG, up until I heard what my mom had done, I was mostly concerned about my dad -- even though I already knew from the reports that they were not of the victims. My dad was a Marine in Vietnam and still has flashbacks and mental health issues stemming from that. He certainly doesn't need to hear gun shots in the middle of the night!

Michael, Cincinnati seems like it would be such a safe place too. Hope you move some place nice! Good luck!

Astoria said...

Crazy! When I saw the place via the broadcasts I thought it looked familiar, but then I thought I was just thinking I remembered it. It's so crazy what people are capable of, and that love can drive people so crazy! I just hope that for the families involved they are able to find some comfort in the memories of the lost, they were all so young. Uh, it's just so sad!!