Crisis Averted

Monday, October 01, 2007 | 0 Comments

We had Fry and Mo over Friday for some of my deep dish pizza (see the "Sylvana Recipes" menu in the sidebar). Well, actually that was just a bribe to get Fry to take a look at my computer. As you may recall, it went into a comma about a month ago while I was surfing the net.

They LOVED the pizza, and the cat. Mo sat on floor of our kitchen and snuggled with the cat for over an hour. I have never known a cat to sit still for that long let alone participate in a snuggle session for that long! They joked about sneaking in and stealing the cat, and then Mo started having an allergic reaction to him. It was BAD. She said that she had been around cats before and never had that kind of a problem, but I guess she's never snuggled with any of them for over an hour before! So, no cat for Mo.

The next morning she was feeling good enough to go to the new coffee shop in town. Their coffee is pretty good, the prices aren't bad, and the atmosphere is nice. We even played a little pool and darts. That's right. This coffee shop also has a game room on the second floor. Weird!
I would just like to say that we are all very smart people, but the dart machine set up is very confusing!!

After that, it was off to Toys R Us for SSB, JD, and I. They were having a special event -- a free exclusive Pokemon download! MANAPHY! We also got a $5 coupon toward any DS game with every download. Mo had given us some money to get her Pearl to get the download. I had gotten her hooked on Pokemon the last time they were over to play video games. While JD was playing her game to get the Pokedex necessary to receive Manaphy, I was purchasing a game with my $5 coupon -- Tak: The Great Juju Challenge (I'll let you know how it is). It ended up being $5.30 after the discount. It was listed on the shelf as $29.99. I wasn't about to ask. JD got a Mario game with his.

We double checked to make sure that all the Pokemon games did indeed have their Manaphys and then left. As we were buckling up, JD asked if I had Mo's game. Uh, no, it is in your DS. He told us that he had taken it out after checking for Manaphy and now could not find it!! Out of all the games he had with him, he loses the only one that wasn't his!

We searched the car. No game. We scoured the store three times. No game. We asked the clerks. No game. The download was only scheduled for 12-3 and it was now 2:55!! I ran back to the game department to buy another Pearl. They were completely out. I had to buy Diamond instead. The download tech agreed to stick around until we could complete the download on this new game. What a nice guy! It takes about 20 minutes to get the Pokedex. As I chatted with the tech about Pokemon while JD prepared the game for download, SSB came up to me to with the lost Pearl. AH!! I never let on to the guy that we had found it. I thought it would make him feel better thinking that had really saved us rather than to find out that we had found the lost game afterall.

And that wasn't the only crisis averted this weekend -- Fry and SSB were able to retrieve all my files from my computer AND get it fixed and running again!!

YAY!! I have my computer back!


Michael Manning said...

Sylvana: With small Nieces and Nephews, I've noticed Toy's R Us used to have better stuff! The place you described reminded me of Miyagis on Sunset Boulevard in L.A.!:)

Scott said...

Sylvana, I *used* to think we both spoke English, but since I couldn't understand half the phrases you used in this post, I'm beginning to reconsider.

Pearl? Diamond? Pokedex? Wow I'm feeling old.

Evil Spock said...

Wait, you have a DS with Pokemon on it?

Do you have Animal Crossing? SSB and yourself need to head over to Keystone and visit our denizens!

Sylvana said...

Michael, yeah, I have noticed that it is not what it used to be either; but the prices weren't bad.
Not familiar with Miyagis. Hectic?

Scott! You've come out of hibernation! Good to see you.

Pearl and Diamond: the names of the two games in the newest Pokemon video game series.

Pokedex: this is a device that keeps track of pokemon related things in your game. It's like an electronic pokemon encyclopedia.

If you like adventure video games where you solve puzzles, collect lots of things, need to learn a lot of stats, and get involved with critter combat -- I would highly recommend knocking over the nearest kid and trying out their Pokemon game.

Evil Spock, talk to me about Animal Crossing. I don't know anything about it, but have seen it in the stores before.

Evil Spock said...

Animal Crossing is hard to describe. Basically you live in a village with animal neighbors, and you spend your "days" doing stuff like fishing, bugcatching, raising flowers, and other things.

Its a DS game, and you can visit other villages through WiFi. Two years ago (before I discovered blogging), I wasted a lot of time playing the game. Like an hour a day.

I have Pokemon Pearl, but I haven't played it once.

Sylvana said...

Evil Spock, I like raising animals. Maybe I'll pick this up.

I have Pearl too and haven't played it but to get the Pokedex for the Manaphy download. I am still working through Sapphire. I got a Jirachi download for Sapphire. It is coming along nicely -- I keep it in my party for it's versatility. Plus it's cute!